QFitsView is a FITS file viewer similar to SAOimage, DS9, and the like. It was written using the cross-platform QT library and thus runs under Microsoft Windows as well as many flavors of UNIX and MAC OS-X.

NEW (August 2015)

Release Candidate 1 of Version 3.2 is available

INFORMATION regarding Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite (October 2014)

QFitsView might fail to start with the following message:
QFitsView cannot be opened because of a problem.

To solve, execute the following command in a Terminal:
sudo ln -s /opt/X11 /usr/X11R6

NEW (July 2011)

A new version (3.0) is released.


QFitsView includes the complete DPUSER - The Next Generation application. For DPUSER, extensive documentation is available, see link below. The graphical front-end (i.e. QFitsView itself) is also documented, and should be quite intuitive to use.


For Microsoft Windows, you need this binary (25 MB) and the MinGW library (16 kB). Put both in a common directory.

For 32 bit Linux, you need this binary (24 MB). Don't forget to make this executable (chmod a+x QFitsView_3.1.linux32)!

For 64 bit Linux, you need this binary (27 MB). Don't forget to make this executable (chmod a+x QFitsView_3.1.linux64)!

For Mac OSX, copy this disk image and copy the Application to your favorite location (10 MB).

To use the plotting capabilities of DPUSER, copy grfont.dat and rgb.txt to some directory and create an environment variable named PGPLOT_DIR that points to that directory.

You can also download the documentation in gzipped tar format and extract to your local disk. Don't forget to tell QFitsView where this is (In options->Preferences->Paths)! (This is not necessary for the MAC OS-X disk image which already includes the documentation.)

The combined source code of QFitsView and DPUSER is also available. I strongly recommend using the binaries because dpuser/QFitsView are depending on lots of external libraries and is not really trivial to compile. Please understand that I am unable to give any support for compiling.

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