Refereed Journals
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Conference Proceedings

  • M. Salvato, J. Greiner, B. Kuhlbrodt, 2004
    Exploring the central kiloparsec in Seyfert galaxies
    IAU Symposium No. 222: The interplay among BH, Stars and ISM in Galactic Nuclei
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    Studying Galaxy Cluster Evolution with the ESO Distant Cluster Survey
    American Astronomical Society Meeting 205
  • Siopis, C.; Aller, M. C.; Bender, R.; Bower, G. A.; Dressler, A.; Faber, S. M.; Filippenko, A. V.; Gebhardt, K.; Green, R.; Ho, L. C.; Kormendy, J.; Lauer, T. R.; Magorrian, J.; Pinkney, J.; Richstone, D.; Tremaine, S., 2004
    The Scatter in the Msigma Relation
    American Astronomical Society Meeting 205
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