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  1. 21.
    Burrows, D. N.; Hill, J. E.; Nousek, J. A.; Kennea, J. A.; Wells, A.; Osborne, J. P.; Abbey, A. F.; Beardmore, A.; Mukerjee, K.; Short, A. D. T. et al.; Chincarini, G.; Campana, S.; Citterio, O.; Moretti, A.; Pagani, C.; Tagliaferri, G.; Giommi, P.; Capalbi, M.; Tamburelli, F.; Angelini, L.; Cusumano, G.; Bräuninger, H. W.; Burkert, W.; Hartner, G. D.: The Swift X-Ray Telescope. Space Science Reviews 120 (3-4), S. 165 - 195 (2005)
  2. 22.
    Bélanger, G.; Goldwurm, A.; Melia, F.; Ferrando, P.; Grosso, N.; Porquet, D.; Warwick, R.; Yusef-Zadeh, F.: Repeated X-Ray flaring activity in Sagittarius A*. The Astrophysical Journal 635 (2 Part 1), S. 1095 - 1102 (2005)
  3. 23.
    Böhringer, H.; Burwitz, V.; Zhang, Y. Y.; Schuecker, P.; Nowak, N.: Chandra reveals galaxy cluster with the most massive nearby cooling core: RXC J1504.1-0248. The Astrophysical Journal 633 (1 Part 1), S. 148 - 153 (2005)
  4. 24.
    Böhringer, H.; Mullis, C.; Rosati, P.; Lamer, G.; Fassbender, R.; Schwope, A.; Schuecker, P.: Galaxy cluster archaeology. The ESO Messenger 120, S. 33 - 36 (2005)
  5. 25.
    Capalbi, M.; Perri, M.; Kennea, J.; Burrows, D. N.; Morris, D.; Angelini, L.; Greiner, J.: GRB 051006: XRT refined analysis. GCN Circular 4066 (2005)
  6. 26.
    Capitanio, F.; Ubertini, P.; Bazzano, A.; Kretschmar, P.; Zdziarski, A. A.; Joinet, A.; Barlow, E. J.; Dean, A. J.; Jourdain, E.; De Cesare, G. et al.; Del Santo, M.; Natalucci, L.; Cadolle Bel, M.; Goldwurm, A.: 3-200 keV spectral states and variability of the INTEGRAL black hole binary IGR J17464-3213. The Astrophysical Journal 622 (1), S. 503 - 507 (2005)
  7. 27.
    Chandra, P.; Ray, A.; Schlegel, E. M.; Sutaria, F. K.; Pietsch, W.: Chandra's tryst with SN 1995N. Astrophysical Journal 629 (2 Part 1), S. 933 - 943 (2005)
  8. 28.
    Chester, M.; Page, M.; Roming, P.; Marshall, F.; Boyd, P.; Angelini, L.; Greiner, J.; Gehrels, N.: Swift/UVOT photometry of GRB050820. GCN Circular 3838 (2005)
  9. 29.
    Churazov, E.; Sazonov, S.; Sunyaev, R.; Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Böhringer, H.: Supermassive black holes in elliptical galaxies: switching from very bright to very dim. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 363 (1), S. L91 - L95 (2005)
  10. 30.
    Churazov, E.; Sazonov, S.; Sunyaev, R.; Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Böhringer, H.: Supermassive black holes in elliptical galaxies: switching from very bright to very dim. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 363 (1), S. L91 - L95 (2005)
  11. 31.
    Civano, F.; Comastri, A.; Brusa, M.: X-ray spectral analysis of optically faint sources in the Chandra deep fields. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 358 (2), S. 693 - 704 (2005)
  12. 32.
    Collinge, M. J.; Strauss, M. A.; Hall, P. B.; Ivezić, Z.; Munn, J. A.; Schlegel, D. J.; Zakamska, N. L.; Anderson, S. F.; Harris, H. C.; Richards, G. T. et al.; Schneider, D. P.; Voges, W.; York, D. G.; Margon, B.; Brinkmann, J.: Optically identified BL lacertae objects from the sloan digital sky survey. The Astronomical Journal 129 (6), S. 2542 - 2561 (2005)
  13. 33.
    Conka-Nurdan, T.; Nurdan, K.; Walenta, A.; Chiosa, I.; Freisleben, B.; Pavel, N.; Strüder, L.: First results on compton camera coincidences with the silicon drift detector. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 52 (5), S. 1381 - 1385 (2005)
  14. 34.
    Costantini, E.; Freyberg, M. J.; Predehl, P.: Absorption and scattering by interstellar dust: an XMM-Newton observation of Cyg X-2. Astronomy & Astrophysics 444 (1), S. 187 - 200 (2005)
  15. 35.
    Crummy, J.; Fabian, A. C.; Brandt, W. N.; Boller, T.: Investigating ionized disc models of the variable narrow-line Seyfert 1 PG 1404+226. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 361 (4), S. 1197 - 1202 (2005)
  16. 36.
    Daddi, E.; Renzini, A.; Pirzkal, N.; Cimatti, A.; Malhotra, S.; Stiavelli, M.; Xu, C.; Pasquali, A.; Rhoads, J. E.; Brusa, M. et al.; di Serego Alighieri, S.; Ferguson, H. C.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Moustakas, L. A.; Panagia, N.; Windhorst, R. A.: Passively evolving early-type galaxies at 1.4 <~ z <~ 2.5 in the Hubble ultra deep field. The Astrophysical Journal 626 (2), S. 680 - 697 (2005)
  17. 37.
    Drory, N.; Salvato, M.; Gabasch, A.; Bender, R.; Hopp, U.; Feulner, G.; Pannella, M.: The stellar mass function of galaxies to z ~ 5 in the fors deep and GOODS-South fields. The Astrophysical Journal 619, S. L131 - L134 (2005)
  18. 38.
    Dubath, P.; Knödlseder, J.; Skinner, G. K.; Connell, P.; Kreykenbohm, I.; Strong, A.; Sizun, P.; Attié, D.; Schanne, S.; Cordier, B. et al.; Bouchet, L.; Kienlin, A. v.: The INTEGRAL spectrometer SPI: performance of point-source data analysis. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 357 (2), S. 420 - 428 (2005)
  19. 39.
    Falcone, A.; Burrows, D. N.; Morris, D. C.; Grupe, D.; Racusin, J. L.; Nousek, J. A.; Greiner, J.; Hinshaw, D.; Gehrels, N.: GRB 050712: Swift XRT afterglow position. GCN Circular 3574 (2005)
  20. 40.
    Fenimore, E.; Angelini, L.; Barbier, L.; Barthelmy, S.; Cummings, J.; Gehrels, N.; Greiner, J.; Hullinger, D.; Krimm, H.; Markwardt, C. et al.; Palmer, D.; Parsons, A.; Sakamoto, T.; Sato, G.; Tueller, J.: GRB 051109: Swift-BAT refined analysis. GCN Circular 4217 (2005)
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