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Zeitschriftenartikel (236)

  1. 221.
    Barty, A.; Caleman, C.; Aquila, A.; Timneanu, N.; Lomb, L.; White, T. A.; Andreasson, J.; Arnlund, D.; Bajt, S.; Barends, T. R. M. et al.; Barthelmess, M.; Bogan, M. J.; Bostedt, C.; Bozek, J. D.; Coffee, R.; Coppola, N.; Davidsson, J.; DePonte, D. P.; Doak, R. B.; Ekeberg, T.; Elser, V.; Epp, S. W.; Erk, B.; Fleckenstein, H.; Foucar, L.; Fromme, P.; Graafsma, H.; Gumprecht, L.; Hajdu, J.; Hampton, C. Y.; Hartmann, R.; Hartmann, A.; Hauser, G.; Hirsemann, H.; Holl, P.; Hunter, M. S.; Johansson, L.; Kassemeyer, S.; Kimmel, N.; Kirian, R. A.; Liang, M.; Maia, F. R. N. C.; Malmerberg, E.; Marchesini, S.; Martin, A. V.; Nass, K.; Neutze, R.; Reich, C.; Rolles, D.; Rudek, B.; Rudenko, A.; Scott, H.; Schlichting, I.; Schulz, J.; Seibert, M. M.; Shoeman, R. L.; Sierra, R. G.; Soltau, H.; Spence, J. C. H.; Stellato, F.; Stern, S.; Strüder, L.; Ullrich, J.; Wang, X.; Weidenspointner, G.; Weierstall, U.; Wunderer, C. B.; Chapman, H. N.: Self-terminating diffraction gates femtosecond X-ray nanocrystallography measurements. Nature Photonics 6 (1), S. 35 - 40 (2012)
  2. 222.
    Bongiorno, A.; Shankar, F.; Civano, F.; Gavignaud, I.; Georgakakis, A.: Seeking for the leading actor on the cosmic stage: galaxies versus supermassive black holes. Advances in Astronomy (2012)
  3. 223.
    Cappelluti, N.; Allevato, V.; Finoguenov, A.: Clustering of X-ray-selected AGN. Advances in Astronomy (2012)
  4. 224.
    Chaudhary, P.; Brusa, M.; Hasinger, G.; Merloni, A.; Comastri, A.; Nandra, K.: Rest-frame stacking of 2XMM catalog sources - properties of the Fe Kα line. Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A6, S. 1 - 12 (2012)
  5. 225.
    Diehl, R.; Lugaro, M.: Astronomy with radioactivities. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 29 (2), S. 87 - 89 (2012)
  6. 226.
    Fassbender, R.; Šuhada, R.; Nastasi, A.: AGN triggering in the infall regions of distant X-ray luminous galaxy clusters at 0.9 < z ≲ 1.6. Advances in Astronomy (2012)
  7. 227.
    Fotopoulou, S.; Salvato, M.; Hasinger, G.; Rovilos, E.; Brusa, M.; Egami, E.; Lutz, D.; Burwitz, V.; Henry, J. P.; Huang, J. H. et al.; Rigopoulou, D.; Vaccari, M.: Photometry and photometric redshift catalogs for the Lockman Hole deep field. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 198 (1), 1, S. 1 - 17 (2012)
  8. 228.
    Haberl, F.; Sturm, R.; Filipović, M. D.; Pietsch, W.; Crawford, E. J.: SXP 1062, a young Be X-ray binary pulsar with long spin period - implications for the neutron star birth spin. Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, L1, S. 1 - 5 (2012)
  9. 229.
    Hohle, M. M.; Haberl, F.; Vink, J.; de Vries, C. P.; Neuhäuser, R.: Narrow absorption features in the co-added XMM–Newton RGS spectra of isolated neutron stars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 419 (2), S. 1525 - 1536 (2012)
  10. 230.
    Hornung, H.: Die Architektur des Alls. MaxPlanckForschung 2012 (4), S. 18 - 25 (2012)
  11. 231.
    Iwasawa, K.; Mainieri, V.; Brusa, M.; Comastri, A.; Gilli, R.; Vignali, C.; Hasinger, G.; Sanders, D. B.; Cappelluti, N.; Impey, C. D. et al.; Koekemoer, A.; Lanzuisi, G.; Lusso, E.; Merloni, A.; Salvato, M.; Taniguchi, Y.; Trump, J. R.: Fe K emission from active galaxies in the COSMOS field. Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A86, S. 1 - 12 (2012)
  12. 232.
    Kelly, B. C.; Merloni, A.: Mass functions of supermassive black holes across cosmic time. Advances in Astronomy (2012)
  13. 233.
    Popesso, P.; Biviano, A.; Rodighiero, G.; Baronchelli, I.; Salvato, M.; Saintonge, A.; Finoguenov, A.; Magnelli, B.; Gruppioni, C.; Pozzi, F. et al.; Lutz, D.; Elbaz, D.; Altieri, B.; Andreani, P.; Aussel, H.; Berta, S.; Capak, P.; Cava, A.; Cimatti, A.; Coia, D.; Daddi, E.; Dannerbauer, H.; Dickinson, M.; Dasyra, K.; Fadda, D.; Förster Schreiber, N.; Genzel, R.; Hwang, H. S.; Kartaltepe, J.; Ilbert, O.; Le Floch, E.; Leiton, R.; Magdis, G.; Nordon, R.; Patel, S.; Poglitsch, A.; Riguccini, L.; Sanchez Portal, M.; Shao, L.; Tacconi, L.; Tomczak, A.; Tran, K.; Valtchanov, I.: The evolution of the star formation activity per halo mass up to redshift ~1.6 as seen by Herschel. Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A58, S. 1 - 8 (2012)
  14. 234.
    Schady, P.; Dwelly, T.; Page, M. J.; Krühler, T.; Greiner, J.; Oates, S. R.; De Pasquale, M.; Nardini, M.; Roming, P. W. A.; Rossi, A. et al.; Still, M.: The dust extinction curves of gamma-ray burst host galaxies. Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A15, S. 1 - 19 (2012)
  15. 235.
    Sturm, R.; Haberl, F.; Pietsch, W.; Coe, M. J.; Mereghetti, S.; La Palombara, N.; Owen, R. A.; Udalski, A.: A new super-soft X-ray source in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Discovery of the first Be/white dwarf system in the SMC? Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A76, S. 1 - 6 (2012)
  16. 236.
    Suhada, R.; Song, J.; Böhringer, H.; Mohr, J. J.; Chon, G.; Finoguenov, A.; Fassbender, R.; Desai, S.; Armstrong, R.; Zenteno, A. et al.; Barkhouse, W. A.; Bertin, E.; Buckley-Geer, E. J.; Hansen, S. M.; High, F. W.; Lin, H.; Mühlegger, M.; Ngeow, C. C.; Pierini, D.; Pratt, G. W.; Verdugo, M.; Tucker, D. L.: The XMM-BCS galaxy cluster survey - I. The X-ray selected cluster catalog from the initial 6 deg². Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A39, S. 1 - 30 (2012)

Buchkapitel (1)

  1. 237.
    Greiner, J.: Discoveries enabled by multi-wavelength afterglow observations of gamma-ray bursts. In: Gamma-Ray Bursts, S. 91 - 120 (Hg. Kouveliotou, C.; Wijers, R. A. M.; Woosley, S.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2012)

Konferenzbeitrag (62)

  1. 238.
    Niculae, A.; Bornschlegl, M.; Eckhardt, R.; Herrmann, J.; Jaritschin, O.; Jeschke, S.; Mungenast, L.; Lechner, P.; Liebel, A.; Soltau, H. et al.; Schopper, F.; Strueder, L.: Optimizing the low energy performance of pole-shoe EDX detectors. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 29. Juli 2012 - 02. August 2012. Microscopy and Microanalysis (2012)
  2. 239.
    Soltau, H.; Hartmann, R.; Holl, P.; Ihle, S.; Lechner, P.; Thamm, C.; Niculae, A.; Ordavo, I.; Eckhardt, R.; Scharf, O. et al.; Schopper, F.; Strüder, L.: High speed high resolution pnCCDs and SDDs for micro fluorescence analysis. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 29. Juli 2012 - 02. August 2012. Microscopy and Microanalysis (2012)
  3. 240.
    Treis, J.; Eckhardt, R.; Jeschke, S.; Mungenast, L.; Soltau, H.; Heinzinger, K.; Hermenau, K.; Krenz, G.; Lechner, P.; Lutz, G. et al.; Schopper, F.; Strüder, L.: New results from SDD detectors with minimized input capacitance. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2012, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 29. Juli 2012 - 02. August 2012. Microscopy and Microanalysis (2012)
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