Veranstaltungen am Institut und mit Beteiligung des MPE

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Mechanical Engineering for Science Infrastructures: Principles, Procedures and Examples

KES: Knowledge Exchange Series
8752 1570793347

Constraining dark matter models with strong gravitational lensing

Institute Seminar
10369 1570793417

Chondrule formation and its implications for the early solar system

ESO Star and Planet Formation Seminar
7607 1570793678

Receiving credit for research software

ESO Lunch Talk
5862 1570793841

The Physics Nobel Prize 2019

ESO Informal Discussion
8357 1570794049

Primordial Black Holes (Part 1)

Cosmology Lectures
21864 1570795371

Primordial Black Holes (Part 2)

Cosmology Lectures
21865 1570794722


Theoretical HEP Seminar
2604 1570795564

The Transient Universe: Cosmic Explosions and Dark Energy

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium
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