We present the results of the X-UDS survey, a set of wide and deep Chandra observations of the Subaru-XMM Deep/UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (SXDS/UDS) field. The survey consists of 25 observations that cover a total area of 0.33 deg2. The observations are combined to provide a nominal depth of ~600 ksec in the central 100 arcmin^2 region of the field that has been imaged with Hubble/WFC3 by the CANDELS survey and ~200 ksec in the remainder of the field. We present a catalog of 868 band-merged point sources detected with a false-positive Poisson probability of <1x10^-4. The survey's limiting source detection depths are 4.4x10-16 (0.5-10 keV), 1.4x10-16 (0.5-2 keV), 6.5x10-16 (2-10 keV), and 9.2x10-16 (5-10 keV) erg cm-2 s-1 and we estimate the spurious source fraction to be less than 4.1% based on single-band detections in the 4-7 keV energy range. In addition, we present the results of an X-ray spectral analysis and provide best-fitting neutral Hydrogen column densities, N_H, and spectral indices, Gamma, as well as the absorption corrected 2-10 keV rest-frame luminosities for each source. In particular, we provide:

Chandra full-band (0.5–7 keV) mosaic image of the 25 observations that make up the X-UDS data set. The outer blue box denotes the region with deep Spitzer IRAC observations taken by the SEDS survey. The inner red outline shows the region imaged with Hubble/WFC3 by the CANDELS survey.