Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

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Asteroseismology and Galactic Archeology

  • Attention: **unusual room**
  • Date: Jul 6, 2017
  • Time: 15:15 - 16:15
  • Speaker: Marc Pinsonneault (Ohio State Univ.)
  • Location: MPA
  • Room: Large Seminar Room E.0.11
  • Host: ESO
Time domain studies have revolutionized stellar astrophysics. In particular, planet transit studies have proven to be extremely effective at detecting oscillations in luminous red giant stars. When combined with spectroscopy, this permits extremely precise distances, masses and ages for populations that sample a significant fraction of the Milky Way galaxy. I will review the current state of the art in asteroseismology, focusing on the joint APOGEE-Kepler (APOKASC) sample of almost 7,000 evolved stars with high resolution spectra, masses and ages. I will also discuss using asteroseismic samples as age calibrators for high resolution surveys in general and will argue that the combination of asteroseismology and the Gaia mission will be extremely fruitful. I'll close with some results on surprising populations in the Galaxy uncovered by seismic data and tests of stellar models and isochrones.
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