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The LMU Munich main building (Hauptgebäude), where the conference takes place, is located on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz. It's a square that roughly abuts the intersection of Ludwigstrasse and Schellingstrasse, just north of the city center. It has its own U-Bahn (underground) station called Universität, which lies on the U3 and U6 lines.

Arriving by plane at Munich Airport

Here you have two choices of public transportation: S-Bahn or Airport Bus.


The S-Bahn, or suburban train, lines S8 and S1 each leave every 20 minutes from the airport to the central train station (Hauptbahnhof). They take different routes, but both hit all the main city stations and pass through Marienplatz in the heart of Munich. At Marienplatz you can transfer to the U3 or U6 lines using the same ticket. The whole trip from airport to Uni takes about 50 minutes.

For the S-Bahn, you buy a ticket at an automat in the airport. You have three choices, depending on your needs:

A one-way ticket costs € 8.80. At the automat, push 4 in the Einzelfahrschein column. Technically, this is the most expensive but simplest option.

A multiple-trip ticket, or Streifenkarte, costs € 10.00. You only use 8 stripes, or € 8.00 worth, to get from the airport into town. The remaining two stripes can be used for another trip within the city later.

An all-day all-zone ticket, or Tageskarte-Gesamtnetz, costs € 9.00. It's a good idea you'll be traveling around a lot that day.

Prices are valid as of spring 2006 and are subject to change. Always remember to stamp your ticket before getting on the train (see "The stamp box" below). If you have any questions, the nice people at the MVV information desk in Terminal 1 are glad to help.

Airport bus

The Lufthansa Airport Bus leaves the airport from various points every 20 minutes and costs € 9.50. The bus will take you to the U6 station Nordfriedhof and then on to the central train station (Hauptbahnhof). It's the most comfortable public transportation into town, and for Nordfriedhof it's certainly the fastest. Travel time: about 30 min. to Nordfriedhof / 50 min. to Hauptbahnhof.

Directly to Studentenstadt

If you're going there first, the best way is to take the S8 to Johanneskirchen station and then transfer to the number 50 bus which goes to Studentenstadt. If you're going to the university first, you can take the U6 on to Studentenstadt or the U3 to the student village at Olympiazentrum.

Don't just take our word for it

The Münchner Verkersverbund (MVV), Munich's public transportation authority, provides complete details in multiple languages on connections, prices, times and everything else. We write more about the MVV in our section on getting around. The airport also has an excellent route link for finding how to get from the airport to wherever you're going in every kind of transportation.

Arriving by train (Deutsche Bahn)

Whether you arrive at Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof, all S-Bahn from there pass through Marienplatz. There you can transfer to the U-Bahn. U3 and U6 go to Univeristät station, and U6 goes on to Studentenstadt. From Hauptbahnhof you can also take the U4 or the U5 to Odeonsplatz and switch there to U3/U6. The U5 also goes from Ostbahnhof. For prices and times, check the MVV site.

Stamp boxes are at the entrance to subways or inside buses and trams.

The stamp box

Everywhere in Germany you have to validate tickets for public transportation by stamping them at a validation machine (entwerter). In Munich these are blue boxes with a slot where you insert the ticket face-up and head-first. Arrows point to the space you're supposed to stamp.

For a multiple-trip ticket, you stamp the number of stripes for your trip. From the airport to the city, say, this would be 8 stripes (equals 4 zones) meaning the ride costs € 8.00. You fold the ticket up to the 8 and shove it in the slot, fold-first with the 8 facing up.

Sneaky, plain-clothes inspectors make random surprise checks to see if you're holding a valid ticket, and there's a stiff fine for schwarzfahren, riding without one. It's currently € 40. Oh, and don't bother with the "me ignorant foreigner" number. They've heard it. They don't care.

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