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    Wiseman, P.; Perley, D. A.; Schady, P.; Prochaska, J. X.; Ugarte de Postigo, A.; Krühler, T.; Yates, R. M.; Greiner, J.: Gas inflow and outflow in an interacting high-redshift galaxy - The remarkable host environment of GRB 080810 at z = 3.35. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2017)
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    Chen, T.-W.; Smartt, S. J.; Yates, R. M.; Nicholl, M.; Krühler, T.; Schady, P.; Dennefeld, M.; Inserra, C.: Superluminous supernova progenitors have a half-solar metallicity threshold. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 470 (3), pp. 3566 - 3573 (2017)
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    Chen, T.-W.; Nicholl, M.; Smartt, S. J.; Mazzali, P. A.; Yates, R. M.; Moriya, T. J.; Inserra, C.; Langer, N.; Krühler, T.; Pan, Y.-C. et al.; Kotak, R.; Galbany, L.; Schady, P.; Wiseman, P.; Greiner, J.; Schulze, S.; Man, A. W. S.; Jerkstrand, A.; Smith, K. W.; Dennefeld, M.; Baltay, C.; Bolmer, J.; Kankare, E.; Knust, F.; Maguire, K.; Rabinowitz, D.; Rostami, S.; Sullivan, M.; Young, D. R.: The evolution of superluminous supernova LSQ14mo and its interacting host galaxy system. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2017)
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    Wiseman, P.; Schady, P.; Bolmer, J.; Krühler, T.; Yates, R. M.; Greiner, J.; Fynbo, J. P. U.: Evolution of the dust-to-metals ratio in high-redshift galaxies probed by GRB-DLAs. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2017)
  5. 5.
    Yates, R. M.; Thomas, P. A.; Henriques, B. M. B.: Iron in galaxy groups and clusters: confronting galaxy evolution models with a newly homogenized data set. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 464 (3), pp. 3169 - 3193 (2017)
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    D'Aì, A.; Evans, P. A.; Burrows, D. N.; Kuin, N. P. M.; Kann, D. A.; Campana, S.; Maselli, A.; Romano, P.; Cusumano, G.; La Parola, V. et al.; Barthelmy, S. D.; Beardmore, A. P.; Cenko, S. B.; Pasquale, M. D.; Gehrels, N.; Greiner, J.; Kennea, J. A.; Klose, S.; Melandri, A.; Nousek, J. A.; Osborne, J. P.; Palmer, D. M.; Sbarufatti, B.; Schady, P.; Siegel, M. H.; Tagliaferri, G.; Yates, R.; Zane, S.: Evidence for the magnetar nature of 1E 161348−5055 in RCW 103. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 463 (3), pp. 2394 - 2404 (2016)
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    Walcher, C. J.; Yates, R. M.; Minchev, I.; Chiappini, C.; Bergemann, M.; Bruzual, G.; Charlot, S.; Coelho, P. R. T.; Gallazzi, A.; Martig, M.: Self-similarity in the chemical evolution of galaxies and the delay-time distribution of SNe Ia. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2016)
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