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Puzzles of Galactic Nuclei 2010  

Puzzles of Galactic Nuclei - Scientific Workshop at MPE, Munich

The idea of this workshop (28th-30th June) is to discuss puzzles relating to the Physics of Galactic Nuclei. Recently, high resolution observations e.g. by SINFONI and MIDI at the VLT, the Keck telescopes, and Herschel, have changed our picture of the interaction of central super-massive black holes (SMBH) with their surrounding stars and gas. The gas physics is now known to be characterized by a turbulent multi-phase interstellar medium. This in combination with star formation and stellar ejecta regulates the feeding of the super-massive black hole. In turn, the mechanical and radiative output contributes significantly to the total energy in the gas. Simulations coupling hydrodynamics, gravity and radiative transfer including stellar and black hole feedback are required to shed light on these complex phenomena. Multi-wavelength and multi-scale coverage are required to constrain the models, and are now becoming available for nearby galaxies. Like pieces of a jigsaw, information from the Galactic Centre, nearby active, and passive galaxies, powerful high-redshift quasars, and even black-hole deficient nuclei needs to be combined with such simulations to understand the physics of galactic centers with super-massive black holes. A related issue is the connection between super-massive black holes and galaxy evolution. The aim of the workshop is to focus on the unsolved puzzles in this field, thus a generous amount of time will be reserved for discussions.

The final Workshop Schedule is now available: Puzzles2010 Schedule

The meeting will take place in Room 1.18b, which is just down the stairs in the entrance of MPE (we will have notices and directions at MPE).

This workshop is organized by the Physics of Galactic Nuclei Group at the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics.

Confirmed participants

Christian Alig (USM/MPE)
Aaron Barth (University of California)
Ralf Bender (USM/MPE)
Ian Bonnell (University of St. Andrews)
Andi Burkert (MPE)
Leonard Burtscher (MPIA)
Luca Ciotti (University of Bologna)
Jorge Cuadra (MPA)
Clare Dobbs (MPE)
Gaelle Dumas (MPIA)
Wolfgang Duschl (University of Kiel)
Moshe Elitzur (University of Kentucky)
Volker Gaibler (MPE)
Karl Gebhardt (University of Texas)
Reinhard Genzel (MPE)
Michaela Hirschmann (USM/MPE)
Peter Johansson (USM)
Jari Kotilainen (University of Turku)
Martin Krause (MPE)
Tessel van der Laan (MPIA)
Klaus Meisenheimer (MPIA)
David Merritt (RIT)
Raffaella Morganti (ASTRON)
Nadine Neumayer (ESO)
Huub Rottgering (Leiden)
Marc Schartmann (MPE)
Konrad Tristram (MPIfR Bonn)

For information about accomodation we refer to the suggestions given by the ESO workshop on nuclear star clusters taking place in the week before our workshop.

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