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X-ray Sources in Normal Galaxies: M 31

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X-ray images of the central area of M 31:
Left: Combined XMM-Newton EPIC PN, MOS1 and MOS2 low background image of the central area of M 31 (0.2-4.5 keV, Jun 2000 - Jan 2002, ~100 ks exposure, see Pietsch, Freyberg & Haberl 2005A&A...434..483P).
Middle: XMM-Newton EPIC PN 0.5-5 keV image from Aug 9, 2006 (~20 ks exposure), performed as one of the observations of the XMM-Newton/Chandra nova monitoring program of the central area of M31. The transient XMMU J004215.8+411924 is marked by a circle with 30 arcsec radius.
Right: Swift XRT 0.5-5 keV image from Sep 1, 2006 (~6 ks exposure). The transient SWIFT J004217.4+411532 is marked by a circle with 30 arcsec radius. XMMU J004215.8+411924 is also clearly visible.

SWIFT UVOT image of the area around XMMU J004215.8+411924 obtained with the UW1 Filter. The circles mark the X-ray positions derived from the EPIC images (2 arcsec radius) and with the SWIFT XRT (6 arcsec radius).

For more information see ATEL#881

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