The 800 ksec XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the Lockman Hole

The Lockman Hole is the area with the absolutely lowest column density of interstellar absorption and was selected for the location of the deepest ROSAT Survey (Hasinger et al. 1998, Lehmann et al. 2001), as well as the deepest hard X-ray survey performed with the XMM-Newton satellite. A total of bout 800 ksec net integrated XMM-Newton exposure has been accumulated during the science verification phase and in AO1 (PI: X. Barcons) and AO2 (PI: G. Hasinger). A large optical spectroscopy campain is underway to obtain spectra of very faint optical counterparts down to R~25 using the DEIMOS intrument at the Keck telescope. About 40% of the 232 X-ray sources from the Lockman Hole core sample (off-axis angle < 10') have been spectroscopically identified so far.

Fig 1: 800 ksec XMM-Newton EPIC colour image combining the PN and MOS cameras of the Lockman Hole field. Red, green, and blue correspond to the soft (0.5-2.0 keV), medium (2.0-4.5 keV), and hard (4.5-10.0 keV) sources, respectively.

The main characteristics of the XMM/COSMOS survey are:

Papers from this work:

Author: Ingo Lehmann, Date: 10/11/2004