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[eXsas logo] Contributions

[eXsas logo] was originally designed, developed, documented, and maintained by:

Tomaso Belloni Timing Analysis
Carlo Izzo Data Preparation & System
Peter Kahabka Spatial Analysis
Ortwin Schwentker Spectral Analysis & General Tools
Uli Zimmermann Overall System

The [eXsas logo] system, as now available, would not have been possible without the active support of a large number of colleagues contributing code originally developed for their own purposes. The following list can only mention major contributions to [eXsas logo]:

W. Becker Spectral and timing analysis
T. Belloni Timing analysis
G. Boese Point spread functions
T. Boller Screening software
H. Brunner Intensity profiles
K. Dennerl Astrolib
S. Döbereiner Spatial analysis
R. Egger Background determination
J. Englhauser PostScript images
Freyberg Housekeeping, background, calibration
R. Gruber ROSAT Standard Analysis Software
G. Hartner ROSAT Standard Analysis Software
G. Hasinger Maximum Likelihood, point spread function, ...
C. Izzo Data preparation, correction, ...
P. Kahabka Spatial analysis
A. Manook PostScript images, time phase selection
W. Pietsch Different algorithms
C. Rosso ROSAT Standard Analysis Software
J. Schmitt Maximum Likelihood (source detection)
N. Schulz Image filtering
R. Schwarz Raymond-Smith spectra
O. Schwentker Spectral analysis, general tools, ...
K. Straub Access to archive images
R. Supper Exposure map, source merging
W. Voges ROSAT Standard Analysis Software
A. Vogler Extended image contouring (PS)
U. Zimmermann Overall system

We would like to aknowledge the excellent support from the MIDAS people at ESO, which were always open to implement new features related to [eXsas logo] or to remove inconsistencies in the system on short timescales.

Thanks also to the many users of [eXsas logo] that send us comments or pointed to bugs or problems. Without their continuous help the system could not have been made as safe and stable.

Let us continue along these tracks.

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