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Bug Report for the Linux version of EXSAS-97

Please note that the Linux Version of EXSAS 97JUN has tested as much as possible. However, there can still be some bugs which we didn't find so far. If you find bugs or recognize some behavior of the software which you find is different from what you obtain on another machine please report to

So far we found problems with the following commands:

INTAPE/USROD - Reported: 07 Aug 1997

After the conversion from the US format the MISSION_ID descriptor has additional to the name ROSAT some more characters. This is incorrect and results in problems for those programs which read this descriptor. The descriptor is present in

   attitude.tbl, events.tbl, orbit.tbl, and eventrates.tbl. 

A work around to this bug is to overwrite the Mission_id descriptor with the correct descriptor using the following commands:

   write/descriptor events.tbl mission_id "ROSAT          "
   write/descriptor attitude.tbl mission_id "ROSAT          "
   write/descriptor eventrates.tbl mission_id "ROSAT          "
   write/descriptor orbit.tbl mission_id "ROSAT          "

   NOTE: The blanks behind ROSAT are important, so use 
         the commands above as given. 

   NOTE: INTAPE/USROD fails to produce the orbit.tbl
         A work around is to run it twice without
         deleting anything which was created during its 
         first run

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