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[eXsas logo] Introduction

The extended X-ray scientific analysis system eXsas

The extended X-ray scientific analysis system eXsas was designed for the interactive analysis of X-ray and XUV data with particular emphasis on the analysis of data from the ROSAT mission. Based on the ESO-MIDAS image processing system, this comprehensive software package was developed and is maintained by a team of the X-ray astronomy group of the MPE at Garching. A multitude of typical applications and utilities in the areas of data preparation, correction of instrumental effects, spatial, spectral, and timing analysis were implemented in a coherent context. The package was installed in different UNIX varieties at about 75 institutes all over the world. Present activities concentrate on reconfiguring eXsas by adapting to the FITSIO / FTOOLS standards. This will facilitate its usage for future X-ray missions (ABRIXAS, XMM) and the possibility to include FTOOLS software in a compatible manner.

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