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ROSAT Radio Survey of the southern sky


XMM-TS test facilities, test support


Comparison of weak lensing and X-ray mass determination of galaxy clusters

China (PR)

Investigation of radio pulsars with ROSAT


Observations of BL Lac candidates


Magnetohydrodynamics, turbulent accretion disks
Spectroscopy of active IRAS/ROSAT galaxies
Identification of ROSAT all-sky survey sources in the LMC
X-ray astronomy, cluster of galaxies, ROSAT gravitational lenses


Development of the read-out electronic of XMM-EPIC, ROSAT/EUV Data Center, ABRIXAS
Cataclysmic variables, deep surveys, ABRIXAS, ROSAT
Mikroelectronic developments (CAMEX 64B, JFET-CMOS Processes, XMM-EPIC)
Elektron microscope investigations of transmission diffraction gratings for AXAF
Ground station control and data aquisition for the X-ray satellites ROSAT, ABRIXAS
Identification of ROSAT sources from prism plates
Measurement of the transmission of XMM- and ABRIXAS filters in the vakuum UV and the soft X-ray range
Mask production, manifacturing of plates for the EPIC camera
Optical observation of T-Tauri stars and BL Lac objects, observation of active galactic nulcei at different wavelengths, optical identification of extragalactic X-ray and radio sources, observation of cluster of galaxies
Developments of CCDs for the X-ray range, JFET electronics, XMM-EPIC
ROSAT radio observations of the northern sky, radio observations of AGNs detected in the gamma regime, pulsar observations and physics
Characterization of XMM prototype filters with respect to the transmission in the soft X-ray and EUV spectral range, calibration of semiconductor detectors, investigations of CCDs, reflection measurements in the X-ray regime of plain mirror probes, XMM-TS/EPIC, measurements of efficiency of transmission gratings, AXAF, absolute calibration of detectors in the X-ray range
Galactic distribution of neutral hydrogen and diffuse X-ray sources
T-Tauri stars
Investigation of diffuse X-rays from the LMC
Production of XMM prototype filters, performance of layer analyzations for the determination of layer structures, examination of the stability against temperature cycles
Active galaxies, cataclysmic variables
Active galactic nuclei
Studies of the large-scale structure of ROSAT galaxy clusters and the distribution of custers of galaxies
ROSAT observations of cluster of galaxies
Accretion disks, quasars, development of read-out electronics for XMM and ABRIXAS


Investigation of wind accreting X-ray douple star systems

Great Britain

Physics of cluster of galaxies and cooling flows, APM catalogue of the northern sky for identification of ROSAT sources
Identification of cluster of galaxies in the ROSAT all-sky survey and KOSMOS/UKST catalogue of the southern sky for identification of ROSAT sources
SIS junctions, CDS mirror calibration, ROSAT operations
Investigations of far distant clusters of galaxies in the optical and X-ray range
X-ray Properties of Faint IRAS Galaxies
GINGA/ROSAT project, mission operation of the ROSAT WFC, calibration of JET-X, development and calibration of XMM EPIC
Interstellar medium
Interstellar medium


Active galaxies, interstellar medium


Calibration of the X-ray satellite SAX
UV and X-ray spectra of active galaxies
XMM onchip electronics development, detector development
Calibration of the Italian X-ray satellite SAX and the JET-X telescope, INTEGRAL spectrometer SPI
Cluster of galaxies and large-scale structure of the universe
Noiseless electronics, XMM EPIC
Data evaluation of the ROSAT all-sky survey, observation of active galaxies in different wavelengths


Evaluation of ROSAT data, observation with the X-ray satellites GINGA and ASCA
GINGA/ROSAT project, ASCA/ROSAT cooperations
ASCA/ROSAT exchange programme


Investigation of super-soft X-ray sources, double star systems
XMM TS mirror development and calibration, development and manifacturing of XMM EPIC, CCD development
Manifacturing of the LETG grating facets for AXAF, calibration of the RGS in connection with XMM
OB stars


Hard X-ray experiment HEXE of the MIR space station and calibration of the experiment JET-X


UV and X-ray spectra of active galaxies


Spin-up of young pulsars due to rapid cooling by neutrino emission


Radiation Hard JFET Electronics, Radiation Hard Detectors, XMM EPIC
ROSAT all-sky survey cross correlation
Symbiotic stars and VV Ceps
Insterstellar medium, large-scale structure of the universe
Satellite mission ROSAT
X-ray emission from neutron stars, IBEX proposal
ROSAT, morphology of radio galaxies in cluster of galaxies
Identifications of clusters of galaxies in the ROSAT all-sky survey, radio pulsars
ROSAT, morphology of clusters of radio salaxies, quasars
ROSAT-Radio all-sky survey of the northern sky
Investigation of low-mass X-ray double stars
X-ray satellite mission ROSAT, large-scale structure of the universe
Comparison of weak lensing and X-ray mass determination of galaxy clusters
Observation of active galaxies in different wavelenghts, evaluation of ROSAT all-sky survey data
Structure and evolution of in a galaxy clusters (ROSAT observations)
Emission of galactic X-rays, investigation of radio pulsars

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