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Workshop on X-ray spectroscopy of active galactic nuclei
with Chandra and XMM-Newton
held at MPE Garching, December 3-6, 2001

Individual articles of the conference proceedings

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Workshop Photos (only on request)


X-ray observations of active galaxies and quasars currently provide the most powerful way to explore the immediate environments of supermassive black holes. Our ability to probe these environments underwent a revolution with the launches of Chandra and XMM-Newton. The high throughput and excellent spectral cababilities of the new generation of X-ray observatories allow more precise investigations at the forefront of active-galaxy/quasar X-ray research and have already revealed many new and unexpected observational results. However, some of these are discussed controversially and require better understanding; e.g. the nature of the soft X-ray excess, the presence of warm absorber edges, the location and dynamics of the warm absorber, and spectral features from the inner accretion disk. The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform for intense discussion of these topics.

Scientific Topics:

    The nature of the soft X-ray excess
    New spectral features and their interpretations; e.g. unresolved transition arrays
    Spectral signatures of the warm absorber
    Warm absorber dynamics: Bulk velocity, velocity dispersion, multiple velocity components?
    The relationship between X-ray and ultraviolet absorption
    X-ray spectral features from the torus and circumnuclear environment
    Grating spectroscopy of the broad and narrow emission lines
    New scientific results from the latest observations
    Relativistic disk lines at cosmological redshifts
    Theoretical interpretations and modeling issues
    Future X-ray Fe line reverberation studies

    Confirmed Speakers:

    E. Behar, N. Brandt, G. Branduardi-Raymont, A. Fabian, G. Ferland, G. Hasinger, F. Hamann, S. Kaspi, G. Kriss, J. Krolik, H. Marshall, P. Nandra, P. O'Brien, M. Sako, J. Turner, A. Zdziarski

    Local Organizing Committee:

    Th. Boller, W. Brinkmann, S. Komossa

    International Scientific Advisors:

    N. Brandt, B. Brinkman, C. Canizares, M. Elvis, A. Fabian, I. George, G. Hasinger, S. Kahn, H. Kunieda, H. Netzer, Y. Tanaka, J. Trümper


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