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Joint Discussion "Virtual Observatory"

Scientific Organiziers: Anthony Banday (MPA - Garching, Germany), Piero Benvenuti (ESA/ESO - Garching, Germany), Francoise Genova (CDS - Strasbourg, France), Gerry Gilmore (IoA - Cambridge, United Kingdom), Andy Lawrence (ROE - Edinburgh, United Kingdom), Peter Quinn (ESO - Garching, Germany), Richard Schilizzi (JIVE - Dwingeloo, Netherlands), Ethan Schreier (StSci - Baltimore, USA), Wolfgang Voges (chair, MPE - Garching, Germany), Simon White (MPA - Garching, Germany), Naoki Yasuda (NAO - Tokyo, Japan)

Date and Place:

JENAM-2001: September 10-15, 2001, Munich, Germany
JD-2 (Virtual Observatory): September 13, 14:00 - 17:00


The next generation astronomy digital archives will cover most of the sky at high resolution and at all wavelengths, from Gamma-rays to radio. The ever-increasing amount of high-quality scientific data stored in such astronomical archives is becoming a `source' that can be utilised by research teams in an equivalent fashion to observing with a `physical' telescope at a ground or space-based observatory. Community-wide access to such data -- appropriately documented and archived - - is obviously desirable. A connected and interoperating set of astronomical archives can be considered as an `Astrophysical Virtual Observatory' in which the `telescope' is represented by the network of archives, whilst the `instrument' is the suite of software tools to query and analyse the data. Within such a construct, it will be possible to perform, for instance, `virtual surveys' of the real sky.

Topics to be covered are:

    What is a virtual observatory?
    Why do we need a virtual observatory?
    Virtual Observatory activities in Europe, JAPAN, and USA
    Oral and Poster Contributions
    General Discussion


Thursday, September 13:
14:00 - 15:45 (introduction 5min + 10*10minutes)

Introduction Wolfgang Voges
General VO remarks, and The AVO project Peter Quinn
ASTROGRID Andy Lawrence
The US-NVO proposal + summary of ASPEN VO workshop Ethan Schreier
OPTICON (EC Optical IR Coordination Network for Astron.) Gerry Gilmore
Interoperability Francoise Genova
Radio data in the VO Simon Garrington
Astrovirtel Piero Benvenuti
VO activities in Japan Naoki Yasuda
The German-VO proposal GAVO Wolfgang Voges
VIRGO project - simulations Simon White

15:45-16:00 coffee break


The Devil's Advocate point of view (10m) Bob Fosbury
short poster presentations (each 2 minutes, 2 viewgraphs max)
general discussion (30minutes)

The following papers have been accepted as poster presentations:

Oleg V. Verkhodanov et al.: Organizing of virtual mini observatory
Natalia V. Verkhodanova et al.: System to study evolution of radio galaxies
Simon Jeffery: Automated Spectral Analysis, the Virtual Observatory and Computational Grids
Trushkin S.A. et al.: The astronomical database CATS -- a real step to virtual radio observatory
Ignatiev M. B. et al.: Astronomical education in St-Petersburg State University of aerospace
Peter Kroll: How can the DIVA database join the Virtual Observatory?
Thomas G. Mueller: Solar System Object Extraction for Virtual Observatories as an example
Nausicaa Delmotte: Cross-identification of Dense Stellar Catalogues towards the Magellanic Clouds

Abstract submission:

Researchers and students are invited to participate and submit abstracts no later than July 13, 2001. All abstracts will be published in the abstract series of the AG. Therefore it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to use the special style files provided under Abstract template. Since time for oral presentations is VERY limited, we also ask participants to consider poster presentations. The SOC will inform all participants in due time on the selection of papers and their form of presentation. Please use first the REGISTRATION FORM at the end of this page to submit your contribution to the SOC of the Joint Discussion "Virtual Observatory". Please do not forget to register also at the JENAM conference. The registration at the end of this page IS NOT REPLACING the JENAM registration. Detailed information on the JENAM 2001 conference can be found at: JENAM 2001 main web page .
Please check this page for updates, e.g. selected talks and poster contributions.

Important Dates:

July 13
August 13
Deadline for Registration, Abstract Submission, and Hotel Reservation
Final Circular


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