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Mini-Symposium X-ray Astronomy from the Local Bubble to AGN

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Mini-Symposium "X-ray Astronomy from the Local Bubble to AGN"

Scientific Organiziers: M. Avillez (Evora/Portugal), Th. Boller (MPE, Garching), D. Breitschwerdt (MPE, Garching), F. Haberl (MPE, Garching), G. Hensler (Uni Kiel), T. Ponman (Birmingham, UK), J. Reeves (Leicester, UK), G. Trinchieri (Milano, Italien)

Date and Place:

September 10-15, 2001, Munich, Germany

Scientific Programme:

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Motivation and Scientific Topics:

Part 1: X-rays of Galactic origin

The first part of the Mini-Symposium "X-ray Astronomy from the Local Bubble to AGN" is dedicated to observations and theory of diffuse soft X-rays of mainly Galactic origin. Special emphasis is given to new observational results obtained with the observatories XMM-Newton, Chandra as well as ROSAT and Beppo-Sax. On the theoretical side we welcome new ideas and models to describe and interpret these new high spectral resolution data.
Topics to be covered are:
Local Bubble
Supernova remnants and Superbubbles
Soft X-ray background
Galactic halos (e.g. chimneys, galactic fountains and winds)
Soft X-ray spectral analysis (e.g. plasma emission models)

Part 2: The Local Group and Nearby Galaxies

One third of the mini symposium will be dedicated to "The high energy view of Local Group and other Nearby Galaxies" with emphasis on new results obtained from the two major X-ray observatories Chandra and XMM-Newton and the ongoing missions Beppo-SAX and RXTE. The improved imaging and spectral capabilities will enable the
Determination of temperatures and abundances of the hot interstellar medium in galaxies
Studies of individual structures, such as SNRs and supershells
Multi-phase structure and evolution of the interstellar medium over the entire galaxy
The X-ray point source population at deep flux limits

Part 3: Active Galactic Nuclei

X-ray observations of active galaxies and quasars currently provide the most powerful way to explore the immediate environments of supermassive black holes. Our ability to probe these environments underwent a revolution with the launches of Chandra and XMM-Newton. The high throughput and excellent spectral cababilities of the new generation of X-ray observatories allow more precise investigations at the forefront of active-galaxy/quasar X-ray research and have already revealed many new and unexpected observational results. Scientific topics include:
New and recent X-ray findings on AGN
X-ray spectroscopy of accretion disk spectra and the circumnuclear AGN environment
Fe K line profiles
High z quasars

Abstract submission:

    Researchers and students are invited to participate and submit abstracts no later than July 13, 2001. All abstracts will be published in the abstract series of the AG. Therefore it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to use the special style files provided under Abstract template. Since time for oral presentations is VERY limited, we also ask participants to consider poster presentations. The SOC will inform all participants in due time on the selection of papers and their form of presentation. Please use first the REGISTRATION FORM at the end of this page to submit your contribution to the SOC of the Mini-Symposium "X-ray Astronomy from the Local Bubble to AGN". Please do not forget to register also at the JENAM conference. The registration at the end of this page IS NOT REPLACING the JENAM registration. Detailed information on the JENAM 2001 conference can be found at: JENAM 2001 main web page .
    Please check this page for updates, e.g. selection talks and poster contributions.

    Important Dates:

    July 13
    July 13
    August 13
    Deadline for Registration (Abstract submission) and Hotel Reservation
    Preliminary Scientific Program
    Final Circular


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