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International Workshop at MPE Garching
March 11-13, 2002


M. Arnaud, X. Barcons, R. Griffiths, G. Hasinger (Chair), H. Inoue, S. Kahn, K. Mason, M. Mendez, A. Parmar, L. Piro, L. Strüder, M. Turner, D. Willingale


Th. Boller (Chair), B. Aschenbach, D. Grupe, R. Keil, N. Meidinger, F. Pfefferkorn

Conference Proceedings (21 Mbyte, gzipped pdf file)

Individual articles of the conference proceedings

Scientific Program

List of Participants

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Hotel am Park, 70 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3204084, FAX: +49-89-329478911, Email:
Hotel Maria, 70 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3204041
Hotel Hoyacker Hof, 70 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3269900

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Hotel Leopold Munich (MPE special prices), 95-115 EUR per night

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XEUS - the X-ray Evolving Universe Spectroscopy Mission is a next generation X-ray observatory under study within ESA and ISAS. The XEUS Steering Committee has decided to hold the International workshop with the title "XEUS - Studying the Evolution of the Hot Universe" on March 11-13, 2002 at the Max-Planck-Institute für extraterrestrische Physik in Garching, Germany. The aim of this workshop is to review and update the XEUS science case in the light of recent astrophysical results, in particular from XMM-Newton and Chandra and to involve the broader astrophysical community in the mission so widening the international support for XEUS. We plan to discuss a number of potentially exciting additions to the scientific capabilities of XEUS.

Scientific Topics:

 The XEUS Science Case  [XEUS mosaic]
The first black holes - when and how did they form - how do they grow?
Galaxy evolution and the role of black holes
Search for proto-galaxies
Relativistic signatures of matter under strong gravity
Fe K line reverberation measurments
Growth of X-ray halos as probes of the mass assembly history
Gravitational Lensing
Chemical evolution of the Universe
Circumnuclear matter and its evolution
The Intergalactic Medium
GRB and the Early Universe

XEUS instruments  [XEUS mirrors]
The telescope - design, scientific requirements, new developments
The instruments - detector configuration, spatial and spectral parameters
New proposals - very fast timing mode; very large FOV, polarimetry, etc.

Important Dates:

February 01, 2002
February 15, 2002
March 01, 2002
March 01, 2002

Deadline for Registration
Preliminary Scientific Program
Final Circular
Deadline for Hotel Reservations

Download of the XEUS Conference Poster (use right mouse button)

poster_a3.pdf.gz , poster_a4.pdf.gz



email: xeus @ xray . mpe . mpg . de (Organizing Committee)
Tel: +49-89-30000-3883
Fax: +49-89-30000-3569
Map of Garching and the Munich airport

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