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After the successful launch of the SOHO satellite on 2 December 1995 and after the commissioning and performance verification phase regular scientific operations were taken up in April 1996. The Coronal Diagnostic Spectrograph (CDS), for which MPE developed and built together with Carl Zeiss the Wolter type II telescope with an angular resolution of less than two arcseconds, performs to expectation and delivers excellent spectra and images since then. In the institute some first scientific programmes have been set up, for which the IDL based SOHO data analysis software was installed. The analysis of the first GIS spectra (grazing incidence spectrograph) has begun. The line complex of FeIX - FeXII between 170 and 200 Å is well resolved and turns out to be very similar to the EUVE spectra of nearby inactive stars measured by us. In another project the spatial and thermal morphology of solar spicules is being analysed. The work concentrates on regions from the chromosphere up to the narrow temperature transition zone. Furthermore, the post-eruption behaviour of active solar regions will be studied. It is conjectured that in active regions strong density inhomogenities are generated followed by plasma motion and reconnection which are accompanied by radio storms. Accordingly, also ultra-violet, optical and radio measurements will be used. With CDS it has become possible to study all of these phenomena with unprecedented resolution in time, in space and spectrally.


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