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Soft X-ray in-flight calibration of the ROSAT PSPC

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Soft X-ray in-flight calibration of the ROSAT PSPC
K. Beuermann, 2008, A&A, 481, 919

A Research Note in A&A (Beuermann 2008) provides vectors c_AO1(x) and c(x) that correct the standard detector response matrices DRMPSPC_AO1 and DRMPSPC for residuals that become prominent in bright soft X-ray sources. Here x is the PSPC channel number. The corrected matrices are created by multiplying the respective vector to each of the 729 rows for constant incident energy. Note that it is not clear whether this correction is really independent of energy, but it improves the spectral fits for soft sources as white dwarfs, supersoft X-ray sources and polars. To correct a PSPC spectrum taken prior to 11 October 1991, either divide the observed spectrum by c_AO1(x) or use the corrected matrix DRMPSPC-AO1c. Correspondingly, c(x) and DRMPSPCc may be used for observations taken later than 11 October 1991.

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