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Data Center Service

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The X-ray astronomy group at MPE (with support by the BMBF / DLR) provides information, software and data services for scientists interested in the usage of the XMM observatory and the analysis of its data.

* Proposal Tools
* Planned Timelines
* Calibration
* Data Archive
* Data Analysis
* Software Access
* Documentation
* Contact Addresses
* XMM-Newton pn-CCD efficiency  /  PS version

In case you are interested to enter a collaborative project on XMM observations or data analysis, please check with us. The X-ray group at MPE has set up working groups for almost all relevant research areas in order to stimulate such collaborative projects.

In addition you have the possibility to come to MPE to analyze XMM data and take advantage of the local expertise in our institute.

Please direct comments or requests to xray-info @ mpe . mpg . de .

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