Ringberg Workshop on Secular Evolution of Galaxies

Ringberg, May 17-21, 2004
organized by: R.Bender, A. Burkert and J. Kormendy
with support from: R. Jesseit and M. Wetzstein

Workshop Programme

Available Talks (pdf or ppt):
  • Balcells: Galaxy bulges: nuclear components, bulge-disk scaling relations
  • Barden: Evolution of galaxy disks from GEMS
  • Binney: Secular Evolution of galactic disks
  • Brodie: Globular clusters and secular evolution
  • Burkert: The angular momentum problem and disk formation
  • Buta: Morphology of barred galaxies
  • Carollo: Formation of disk galaxies: the bulge perspective
  • Courteau: Evidence for secular evolution in (non-barred) spiral galaxies
  • D'Ongia: Bulge-less disks and angular momentum problem
  • Falcon-Barroso: Sauron-mapping of the stellar kinematics of nearby galaxies
  • Maraston: The Milky Way Bulge in integrated light
  • Peletier: Secular evolution & stellar populations
  • Regan: Ring formation in barred galaxies: a requirement for mass inflow
  • Renzini: The resolved stellar populations of Milky Way and M31
  • Rosolowsky: Studying the atomic-molecular transition in the Local Group
  • Thomas: Stellar Population properties of bulges
  • Freeman: Workshop Summary
  • Background image: The VLT FORS Deep Field showing galaxies out to z=6, copyright R.Bender and the FDF team