Welcome to my minimal webpage !

    My name is Johan Comparat.
My interests are physical cosmology and astronomical observations.

My office is X5 1.2.14 and my phone number is +49 (0)89 30000-3593
Publications on arxiv
Quick CV
4MOST opsys documentation
4MOST 4FS runs
4MOST 4FS exposure time experimentations
Firefly results for DEEP2 data
Firefly results for SDSS and eBOSS data
Mock catalogs for eRosita
SDSS related stuff
SPIDERS related stuff
documentation for firefly
Skies and Universes (LOCAL, MPE)
Skies and Universes (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Skies and Universes (New mexico University)

Last update Oct. 21 2017