Florian Hofmann

Postdoctoral Researcher
Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics (MPE)

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Research areas:

High energy astrophysics:
X-rays from clusters of galaxies
X-rays from compact objects

Research highlights:

Nature Magazine: dark matter evidence weakens

Refereed first author papers:

Hofmann et al. 2018 : New transient Galactic bulge intermediate polar candidate XMMU J175035.2-293557.
Hofmann et al. 2017 : eROSITA cluster cosmology forecasts: cluster temperature substructure bias.
Hofmann et al. 2016b: 7.1 keV sterile neutrino constraints from X-ray observations of 33 clusters of galaxies with Chandra ACIS.
Hofmann et al. 2016a: Thermodynamic perturbations in the X-ray halo of 33 clusters of galaxies observed with Chandra ACIS.
Hofmann et al. 2013 : X-ray source variability study of the M 31 central field using Chandra HRC-I.


Preview of galaxy cluster perturbation measurements:

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eROSITA simulations:

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