Cen A in the media :

ALMA Turns its Eyes to Centaurus A

ALMA radio image

2012-05-31: ESO photo release

The secret inside Centaurus A

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Credit: ESO, Y. Beletsky, Digitized Sky Survey 2, and A. Fujii

Watching a Cannibal Galaxy Dine
(ESO Photo Release 44/09 (2009-11-20))

Most recent publications found :

  • TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A: The complex dynamics within the inner parsec of an extragalactic jet
    Müller, C.; Kadler, M.; Ojha, R.; Perucho, M.; Großberger, C.; Ros, E.; Wilms, J.; Blanchard, J.; Böck, M.; Carpenter, B.; Dutka, M.; Edwards, P. G.; Hase, H.; Horiuchi, S.; Kreikenbohm, A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Markowitz, A.; Phillips, C.; Plötz, C.; Pursimo, T.; Quick, J.; Rothschild, R.; Schulz, R.; Steinbring, T.; Stevens, J.; Trüstedt, J.; Tzioumis, A. K.
    Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 569, id.A115, 16 pp. (2014)

  • MUSE discovers perpendicular arcs in Cen A inner filament
    Hamer, Stephen; Salomé, Philippe; Combes, Francoise; Salomé, Quentin
    arXiv:1409.7700 [astro-ph.GA](2014).

  • Peculiar Elliptical Galaxy Centaurus A   (Astronomy Picture of the Day 2014-06-30)

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