Gamma-ray Burst 970828

The RXTE All Sky Monitor has detected the gamma ray burst reported as BATSE trigger #6350 (burst at 1997 August 28, 17:44:36.8 UT). The burst was detected by ASM camera #1 with a mean flux of 756 mCrab (2-12 Kev) averaged over the 40 s in which the burst was seen before the camera was rotated. Ninety seconds later, ASM camera #2 scanned over the source and determined a crossing line of position and an average flux of 238 mCrab, declining in an exponential-like fashion with a 30 s time constant. The X-ray emission began roughly simultaneously with the gamma ray trigger, but was detectable with the ASM over at least 160 s. The combined camera detections yield an X-ray position (J2000) of 18h 08m 29s +59 18' with uncertainty (1 sigma) of +/- 2.5' in RA. and +- 1' in Dec. (courtesy R. Remillard, A. Wood, D. Smith, and A. Levine (MIT)).

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