Supersoft X-ray Sources

Catalog of supersoft X-ray sources

Full Web-based catalog of supersoft X-ray sources.
This catalog comprises an up-to-date (December 1999) list of luminous (>1036 erg/s) supersoft X-ray sources. Included in this catalog are accreting binary sources of high luminosity which are thought to be in a state of (steady or recurrent) hydrogen burning.
The reference for this catalog is:
Greiner J., 2000, New Astronomy 5, 137

The following is a collection of further information on luminous, supersoft X-ray sources - a new class of objects discovered with ROSAT observations.

Proceedings of the Workshop on Supersoft X-ray Sources.
The workshop was held at MPE Garching, Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 1996 and has been published in Lecture Notes in Physics, vol. 472, Springer.

Free of charge: LNP 472 books available from author (

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