Current and former group members and student collaborators

Current postdocs: Michi Bauböck

Current students: Idel Waisberg (PhD student, MPE), Alejandra Jimenez Rosales (PhD student, MPE), Raphael Stock (MSc student, TUM/MPE)

Previous BSc/MSc students: Egid Sicheneder (MSc, TUM/MPE), Ayman Bin Kamruddin (UC Berkeley), Angelo Ricarte (UC Berkeley, now Yale), Alwin Mao (UC Berkeley, now Princeton)

Previous PhD students: Samia Drappeau (supervisor Prof. Sera Markoff at University of Amsterdam, now Toulouse), Salomé Dibi (supervisor Prof. Sera Markoff at University of Amsterdam, now RU Nijmegen), John Ruan (supervisor Prof. Scott Anderson at University of Washington, now McGill)

Join the group!

I am happy to talk with interested students at any time. Interested postdoc candidates should contact me about the possibility of having a Humboldt or Marie Curie fellowship hosted at MPE.

Academic Genealogy

Chris Fragile put together a nice slide showing my academic genealogy.