General notes


The code is implemented using C++. It compiles using recent egcs and gcc compilers (tested using egcs-2.91.66, gcc-2.95, and RedHat gcc-2.96 snapshot). Other C++ compilers probably won't work (unfortunately the C++ standard isn't implemented by most compilers, even gcc), but patches to make the code compatible are welcome.

The code has been found to compile on RedHat Linux 6.1 and 7, Compaq Tru64 (V4.0F) and Solaris. I don't have access to any other platforms.


The code requires the CFITSIO library to read and write FITS format files. If the library is not in your standard include and library paths, then you'll need to add it by hand before compiling the programs. If you've got FTOOLS installed and set-up, then the following commands should work (in tcsh):


In general, you will need add the CFITSIO include and library paths to these two environment variables.

A copy of GNU make is also required.

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