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This page contains miscellaneous software which I find useful and I'd like to make available. All code is Copyright © Jeremy Sanders. Code in this page is released under the GNU General Public Licence unless otherwise specified. Code is usually designed to run under a unix system (normally linux but others should work). Contact me at {jss at} for details.

  1. Direct spectral deprojection - a python script to deproject spectra
  2. dump_spex.tar.gz - a python program to generate APEC format table models from SPEX 2. Also included are the generated data files from SPEX 2.00.11. These files can be used directly in Xspec using "xset APECROOT /dir/spex_2.00.11", and creating an APEC model. This allows the updated MEKAL model in SPEX to be used in Xspec for the first time.
  3. A guide to diskless booting of linux clients, without having to recompile your kernel.
  4. Veusz - a Python interactive plotting package. Entirely scriptable with a command line and graphical user interface. Written using PyQT and Numarray to run under Unix.
  5. 3ware RAID monitor utility - a Python script to be run periodically by cron to check the RAID status
  6. DVI Colour Split - a python script to take a dvi file and produce colour and black and white postscript sections from it (very useful for a thesis). Works for single and double-sided documents. A program for splitting PDF files in a similar way can be found here, written by Iain Murray.
  7. AdaptiveBin - Program for adaptively binning X-ray images.

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