Jaron Kurk's home page

Welcome to my web page. Do not expect it to be up-to-date, finished or final. It may still be useful, though.

From July 2009 until June 2014, I was a junior scientist working at the Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik in Garching bei Münich, in the Infrared and Submillimeter Astronomy group led by Reinhard Genzel. I was involved in the LUCIFER project, the multi-object near-infrared spectrograph at the 2x8m Large Binocular Telescope, and maintained a page about the operation of the instrument which may be useful for observers. I was also project coordinator within the project office at MPE for MICADO, one of the two first-light instruments under design for the European Extremely Large Telescope.

Until July 2009, I used to be at the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie in Heidelberg, in the group of Fabian Walter and paid by Sonderforschungsbereich 439 of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The title of this collaborative research center 439 was "Galaxies in the young Universe", which quite accurately describes what I was working on (see research).

From April 2003 to July 2005, I was a Post-Doc at Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri in Florence, Italy and, from October 1998 to May 2003, a PhD student at Sterrewacht Leiden in the Netherlands. I was also born in the Netherlands.

Some selected recent publications

"On the evolution and environmental dependence of the star formation rate versus stellar mass relation since z ~ 2"
Y. Koyama, I. Smail, J. Kurk, J. Geach, D. Sobral, T. Kodama, F. Nakata, A. Swinbank, P. Best, M. Hayashi, K. Tadaki
2013, MNRAS 434, 423

"The Galaxy Environment of a QSO at z ~ 5.7"
E. Banados, B. Venemans, F. Walter, J. Kurk, R. Overzier, M. Ouchi
2013, ApJ 773, 178

"Phibss: Molecular Gas, Extinction, Star Formation, and Kinematics in the z = 1.5 Star-forming Galaxy EGS13011166"
R. Genzel, L. Tacconi, J. Kurk, S. Wuyts, F. Combes, J. Freundlich, A. Bolatto, M. Cooper, R. Neri, R. Nordon et al.
2013, ApJ 773, 68

"Nebular Excitation in z ~ 2 Star-forming Galaxies from the SINS and LUCI Surveys: The Influence of Shocks and AGN"
S. Newman, P. Buschkamp, R. Genzel, N. Förster Schreiber, J. Kurk, A. Sternberg, O. Gnat, D. Rosario, C. Mancini, S. Lilly, et al.
ApJ in press

"GMASS ultradeep spectroscopy of galaxies at z ~ 2. VII. Sample selection and spectroscopy"
J. Kurk, A. Cimatti, E. Daddi, M. Mignoli, L. Pozzetti, M. Dickinson, M. Bolzonella, G. Zamorani, P. Cassata, G. Rodighiero, F. Alberto; A. Renzini, P. Rosati, C. Halliday, S. Berta
2013 A&A 549, 63

A more complete list can be found on ADS or in my cv.