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Optical Novae in Nearby Galaxies

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Novae in Galaxies

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Novae in nearby galaxies are relatively common and many newly detected ones are announced in ATels, CBETs, IBVS or other sources. Note that David Bishop's website contains images for many of the new objects. There are in addition individual pages for each year starting from 2003 that one can reach from this link.
The observations of many apparent novae with outbursts after 2000 are listed in the CBAT M31 novae page, the M33 novae page, and the M81 novae page. These pages have not been updated after 2011 Jan. After that, also extragalactic novae may be found on the CBAT Transient Objects Confirmation Page.
However, all of these pages just cover recent novae and also not include novae that are not announced to them explicitely. We therefore try to create complete up-to date lists of optical novae in nearby galaxies.
We are happy for suggestions to include additional novae in our lists.

M 31 optical nova catalogue

M 33 optical nova catalogue

M 32 optical nova catalogue

NGC 205 optical nova catalogue

LMC optical nova catalogue

SMC optical nova catalogue

M 81 optical nova catalogue

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