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Optische Novae in M 32

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Novae in Galaxien

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Optical Novae in M 32

We created a catalogue of all historical optical novae detected in M 32. During this work we noticed that a homogeneous naming of all novae in M 32 is missing. We decided to extend the CBAT naming scheme for M 31 novae to all optical novae and candidates in M 32 that have been reported in the literature and make the information available together with additional parameters and references in an up-to-date form via the Internet.
We intend to update the Internet pages regularly. Observers ar encouraged to provide input for historical and forthcoming optical novae in M 32 to the email address below.

We will include photometric and spectroscopic data of optical novae and candidates in M 32 covering all wavelengths.

Updated M 32 optical nova catalogue (html format with links to references, finding charts and spectra)

The catalogue was last updated on 26/06/12 and contains 5 sources.

If you use this work please refer to our article:
M 32 optical nova catalogue (ascii format)

File ReadMe gives the format of the M 32 Nova Table and the Table with Corresponding References.

M 32 optical nova catalogue (fits format)
M 33 Nova Table and

We started a optical monitoring program and spectroscopic follow-up observations for optical novae in M 32.
Papers from this work are:

Nova ds9 region file

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