Preliminary Agenda:

Tuesday 25th April 2017 

SSC Science Advisory Group I 
(Times include 5 minutes for questions for each non-introductory talk) 

Time  Name                 Title of contribution  
13:00                      Coffee and Registration

14:00 Michael Freyberg     Welcome
14:05 Natalie Webb         Welcome
14:15 Maria Santos-Lleó    XMM-Newton mission status
14:35 Carlos Gabriel       SAS status and development   
15:05 Pedro Rodriguez      Pipeline status and future   
15:25 Michael Freyberg     EPIC pn    
15:45 Aitor Ibarra         EPIC MOS and RGS status    

16:15                      Coffee break 

16:45 Maria Santos-Lleó    OM status  (on behalf of Antonio Talavera/Mat Page) 
17:05 Mickael Coriat       3XMM-DR6 and 3XMM-DR7
17:25 Iris Traulsen/AS     The stacked catalogue
17:45 Richard Saxton       The slew catalogue
18:05 Laurent Michel       The XCatDB overview and propects      
18:25 Mickael Coriat       The new XMM SSC webpages           
18:45                      End of the session

20:00                      Meeting dinner

Wednesday 26th April 2017 

SSC Science Advisory Group II 
Science Talks (Times include 5 minutes for questions for each talk) 

Time  Name                 Title of contribution  
09:15 Thomas Boller        2RXS, XMM-Slew, 3XMM, and beyond
09:40 Pierre Maggi         The hot phase of the LMC ISM viewed with XMM-Newton          
10:05 Mara Salvato         AllWISE ROSAT-2RXS and XMMSlew associations done
                           using NWAY -- An accurate algorithm to pair sources 
                           simultaneously between N catalogs 
10:30 Filippos Koliopanos  ULX spectra revisited: Are accreting, highly magnetized 
                           neutron stars the engines of ultralumimous X-ray sources?

10:55                      Coffee break 

11:25 Stefania Carpano     The long-term X-ray light curve of the Be/X-ray pulsar 
                           SXP 1323   
11:50 Richard Saxton       TDEs discovered by XMM-Newton
12:15 Gabriele Ponti       A powerful flare from Sgr A* confirms the synchrotron 
                           nature of the X-ray emission     
12:40 Natalie Webb         Wrap-up             

13:00-14:30                LUNCH 
13:00-15:00 Steering group (closed meeting) 

14:30-18:00                SAS Working Group meeting (separate agenda)
SSC30 as of: Mon Apr 24 11:56:01 CEST 2017