Personal projects.

Biped walking robot

In this project I want to build a biped robot that can walk. This is known to be quite challenging, but some have succeeded to make a robot walk , and even cycle so it's definitely doable.

When I first saw this video appear in my facebook feed I was simply amazed by what is nowadays doable. Virtual creatures that simply teaches themselves how to walk, by trial and failure, keeping what works and discarding what doesn't, isn't that amazing? And the best is that it is stable, robust to external perturbations and steerable! I was however a bit disappointed to not find any real life application of it. Could it be possible to make a real robot walk by training a virtual robot and then simply transferring its walking knowledge to the real one? This is what I want to try here.
In the following pages I'll document the advancement the project and give some minimal sample codes for key features that can be used in other projects.

Robot hardware

RPi and servo motors

Controlling RPi from an Android app

Client-Server communication

Virtual robot

Open Dynamics Engine and 3D