Andreas Schruba

Postdoctoral Fellow
für extraterrestrische Physik
Garching, Germany

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Teaching, Supervising, Talks

Here you can find information on my teaching experience, student supervision, and talks I gave.

Lectures, seminars, and lab courses given at universities:
(graduate and undergraduate level)

Supervision of graduate students:

Selection of invited talks at conferences, schools, and institute seminars:

2018 JunMulti-scale Physics of Star Formation and Feedback, Heidelberg, Germany
“Is Star Formation Regulated by Cloud-scale Properties?” (invited talk)
2018 AprEWASS2018, Liverpool, Great Britain
“The Interstellar Medium of Nearby Galaxies at High Physical Detail” (invited review)
2017 DecColloquium, Cologne University, Germany, Location
“Resolving the Physical State of Cold Gas and the Star Formation Process on Cloud-scales across the Local Galaxy Population” (invited seminar)
2017 JunEWASS2017, Prague, Czech Republic
“Star Formation in Extragalactic Galaxies” (invited review)
2016 AugColloquium, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden
“Observing the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Process in Nearby Galaxies at High Physical Detail” (invited seminar)
2016 MarISM-SPP PhD Student School, Freising, Germany
“Observing the Gaseous Material of the Universe” (invited lecture)
2016 MarKönigstuhl Colloquium, MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany
“Molecular Cloud Structure and the Star Formation Process at Low Metallicity” (invited seminar)
2015 OctARI Institute Colloquium, University of Heidelberg Germany
“Linking the Galaxies Star Formation Process to Molecular Cloud Properties” (invited seminar)
2014 JulMass assembly from clouds to clusters, Sexten, Italy
“Large-Scale Mass Assembly of Molecular Clouds - Extragalactic Perspective” (invited review)
2013 DecIRAM+IPAG Colloquium, Grenoble, France
“The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation Process across Spatial Scales” (invited seminar)
2013 MayUCSB Astrophysics Seminar, Santa Barbara, USA
“Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies” (invited seminar)
2013 MarInfrared and Submillimeter Probes of Gas in Galaxies, Pasadena, USA
“Star Formation and ISM in Nearby Galaxies” (invited review)
2012 AugIAUS 292: Molecular Gas, Dust, Star Formation in Galaxies, Beijing, China
“The Star Formation Relation in Nearby Galaxies” (invited review)