In this page you find selected talks, Newspaper features, Press Releases and Notices which include aspects from the Herschel "TNOs are Cool" project.

Selected Talks

HERSCHEL "TNOs are Cool" First Results (presentation by Thomas Müller), Herschel Science Demonstration Phase Initial Results Presentations, 17-18 December 2009, Boadilla del Monte, Spain

TNOs are Cool: A Survey of the Transneptunian Region (presentation by Thomas Müller), Herschel First Results Symposium - ESLAB 2010, ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL, 4-7 May 2010

Observing our Solar System with the eyes of Herschel (presentation by Miriam Rengel), Les Jeudis Des Sciences Colloquium Generale, Les Astronomes Amateurs du Luxemburg, 25/Nov/2010

International Newspaper features

El telescopio Herschel 've' la formación de las primeras galaxias. El Mundo, Spain, 17/Dec/2009.

Riesenauge fürs Infrarote . Mainpost, 9/May/2009.

Herschel mira al pasado . Granada Hoy, Spain, 18-Feb-2009.

Press Releases

The ´eyes´ of Herschel will survey the Trans-Neptunian Region. Division for Planetary Sciences, American Astronomical Society. October, 2009.

ESA to launch two large observatories to look deep into space and time . ESA 7/May/2009.

Blick ins verborgene Universum . Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, SP/2009 (80). 4 May 2009.

Blick in die Kinderstube der Sterne . MPE Pressemitteilung vom 04. Mai 2009.

Hot and Cold: Dwarf Planet Makemake Could Have Extreme Temperatures Side by Side . Scientific American, October 6, 2011. PDF

The Revelations of Planets' Shadows. Science NOW, 5 October 2011. PDF

'Eyes' of Herschel survey enigmatic region beyond Neptune. EGU, GeoQ Newsletter Issue 3, September 2012 PDF


First Science Results from Herschel. UK Herschel Outreach Site, 18/Dec/2009

Impressive initial results from Herschel on the Solar System Research. MPS Notice, 13 Jan 2010.

SPIRE image of the dwarf planet Makemake . ESA, Science-e, 22/Dec/2009.

Los ojos de Herschel apuntarán a la poco conocida región transneptuniana . NOTICIAS, Axxón, Ciencia Ficción en Bits, 10/Oct/2009.

Los ojos de Herschel relevarán la región transneptuniana . El Mensajero de los Astros, 8/Oct/2009.

'Eyes' of Herschel Will Survey Trans-Neptunian Region . SPACE DAILY, October 09, 2009.

Planck and Herschel Exclusive Interviews . Astronomy Now Online, 20/Mar/2009.



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