We release homogeneously computed photo-z and associated P(z) for both galaxies and X-ray detected AGNs (105150 sources in total) in the area covered by CANDELS/GOODS-S, CDFS and ECDFS survey. Making the use of the most up-to-date data from the Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Legacy Survey (CANDELS; Guo et al. 2013) and the Taiwan ECDFS Near-Infrared Survey (TENIS; Hsieh et al. 2012) in addition to the ancillary data (e.g., GALEX and MUSYC photometry), we compute photo-z with the photometry from UV to MIR for a total of 50 filters. We achieve a photo-z accuracy of σ=0.010 with an outlier fraction of 4% for galaxies, and σ =0.014 with an outlier fraction of 5.4% for the X-ray detected AGNs. In addition to the photo-z results, we also provide a compilation of all the X-ray sources from the literature 4Ms-CDFS ( Rangel et al. 2013; Xue et al. 2011) and 250ks-ECDFS (Lehmer et al. 2005; Virani et al. 2006) along with the new optical/NIR/IR associations. Using the Bayesian method (Salvato et al., in prep), we found for 1207 out of 1259 (96%) a reliable counterpart. The detailed descriptions and discussion for these results are presented in Hsu et al., 2014. Here we provide:

Area coverage in J + Ks image from the TENIS Survey. The outer dashed line (ECDFS) covers the areas of CDFS (black solid line) and CANDELS/GOODS-S (inner dashed line) regions. Area 1 refers to the CANDELS field, Area 2 and Area 3 refer to the areas of (CDFS − CANDELS) and (ECDFS − CDFS), respectively.
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