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SPIDERS (SPectroscopic IDentification of eROSITA Sources) is an SDSS-IV survey which runs in parallel to the eBOSS cosmology project. SPIDERS has obtained optical spectroscopy for large numbers of X-ray selected AGN, stars and galaxy cluster members detected in wide area eROSITA, XMM-Newton and ROSAT surveys. The primary goal of SPIDERS was to obtain homogeneous and complete spectroscopic follow-up of extragalactic sources, both pointlike and extended, using data from X-ray satellites and over the SDSS extragalactic imaging footprint . Given the nature of these sources, SPIDERS naturally splits into two main components; an AGN programme and a galaxy clusters programme.
The detailed descriptions and discussion for these programs are presented in Clerc et al., 2016 and Dwelly et al., 2017 for SPIDERS-CLUSTERS and SPIDERS-AGN, respectively.
The final release of the data is presented in Comparat et al., (2020 submitted) and Clerc et al., (2020 submitted) for AGN and clusters, respectively.
The AGN catalogs are available at the official site for SDSS DR16 : 2RXS, XMMSlew2. The corresponding data models are available at 2RXS and XMMSlew2. Finally the Spectra are available here.

NOTE: The above catalogs available via SDSS-DR16 where frozen in July 2019. In the meantime further work on the catalogs have been perfomed and now a classification for stars and a cross match of the AGN with the clusters defined in SPIDERS via redmapper and maxBCG are available. The VAC updated catalogs are avaialble via the links provided below:
XMMSew2 VAC update
2RXS VAC update

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