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Pineda, J. E.; Segura-Cox, D.; Caselli, P.; Cunningham, N.; Zhao, B.; Schmiedeke, A.; Maureira, M. J.; Neri, R.: A protostellar system fed by a streamer of 10,500 au length. Nature Astronomy 2020 (2020)
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Maureira, M. J.; Pineda, J. E.; Segura-Cox, D. M.; Caselli, P.; Testi, L.; Lodato, G.; Loinard, L.; Hernández-Gómez, A.: Orbital and mass constraints of the young binary system IRAS 16293-2422 A. The Astrophysical Journal 897 (1), 59 (2020)
Kulkarni, V. P.; Cashman, F. H.; Lopez, S.; Ellison, S. L.; Som, D.; Maureira, M. J.: Probing structure in cold gas at z ≲ 1 with gravitationally lensed quasar sight lines. The Astrophysical Journal 886 (2), 83 (2019)
Kong, S.; Arce, H. G.; Maureira, M. J.; Caselli, P.; Tan, J. C.; Fontani, F.: Widespread molecular outflows in the infrared dark cloud G28.37+0.07: indications of orthogonal outflow-filament alignment. The Astrophysical Journal 874 (1), 104, S. 1 - 9 (2019)
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