Publications of T. Böker

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Böker, T.; Cruzalebes, P.; Hofmann, R.; Katterloher, R.; Eckart, A.; Genzel, R.; Drapatz, S.; von der Lühe, O.: The MPE imaging beam combiner simulator COSI. Astronomy & Astrophysics 288, pp. 656 - 664 (1994)

Conference Paper (4)

Conference Paper
Schinnerer, E.; Eckart, A.; Böker, T.: NIR spectral synthesis of the nuclear regions of infrared bright galaxies. In: Extragalactic Astronomy in the Infrared, pp. 27 - 32 (Eds. Mamon, G.A.; Thuan, T. X.; Van, J. T. T.). XXXIInd Rencontres de Moriond - XVIIth Moriond Astrophysics Meeting, Les Arcs, France, March 15, 1997 - March 22, 1997. Edition Frontieres, Paris, France (1997)
Conference Paper
Krabbe, A.; Weitzel, L.; Kroker, H.; Tacconi-Garman, L. E.; Cameron, M.; Thatte, N.; Sämann, G.; Böker, T.; Genzel, R.; Drapatz, S.: 3D - a new generation imaging spectrometer. In: Infrared detectors and instrumentation for astronomy, pp. 172 - 183 (Ed. Fowler, A. M.). Infrared detectors and instrumentation for astronomy, Orlando, Fla, USA, April 18, 1995 - April 21, 1995. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, Bellingham, Wash., USA (1995)
Conference Paper
Eckart, A.; Böker, T.; Hofmann, R.; Katterloher, R.; Quirrenbach, A.; Löwe, M.; Cruzalebes, P.: Recent results from the imaging beam combiner simulator COSI at the MPE. Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 458 - 468 (1994)
Conference Paper
Katterloher, R.; Böker, T.; Eckart, A.; Hofmann, R.; Jakob, G.; Quirrenbach, A.; Löwe, M.: Design and construction of the MPE beam combiner simulator COSI. Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 469 - 478 (1994)
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