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Conference Paper
Katterloher, R.; Jakob, G.; Konuma, M.; Krabbe, A.; Haegel, N.; Samperi, S. A.; Beeman, J. W.; Haller, E. E.: Liquid phase epitaxy centrifuge for growth of ultra-pure gallium arsenide for far infrared photoconductors. In: Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing IX, pp. 200 - 208 (Eds. Strojnik, M.; Andresen, B. F.). Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing IX, San Diego, USA, August 01, 2001 - August 03, 2001. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Bellingham (2002)
Conference Paper
Eckart, A.; Böker, T.; Hofmann, R.; Katterloher, R.; Quirrenbach, A.; Löwe, M.; Cruzalebes, P.: Recent results from the imaging beam combiner simulator COSI at the MPE. Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 458 - 468 (1994)
Conference Paper
Katterloher, R.; Böker, T.; Eckart, A.; Hofmann, R.; Jakob, G.; Quirrenbach, A.; Löwe, M.: Design and construction of the MPE beam combiner simulator COSI. Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 469 - 478 (1994)
Conference Paper
Beintema, D.; de Graauw, T.; Luinge, W.; Valentijn, E.; Wijnbergen, J.; Wildeman, K.; Barl, L.; Feuchtgruber, H.; Haser, L.; Katterloher, R. et al.; Melzner, F.; Stöcker, J.: Design and measured performance of the ISO short-wavelenght spetrometer. In: Infrared detectors and instrumentation, pp. 293 - 301 (Ed. Fowler, A. M.). Infrared detectors and instrumentation, Orlando, Fa., USA, April 14, 1993 - January 16, 1993. SPIE, Bellingham (1993)
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