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Conference Paper (79)

Conference Paper
Stelzer, B.; Fernández, M.; Costa, V.; Grankin, K.; Henden, A.; Gameiro, J. F.; Fuenther, E.; Jayawardhana, R.; Mohanty, S.; Burwitz, V. et al.; Predehl, P.; Durisen, R. H.: Coordinated multi-wavelength observations of V410 Tau. In: Sunspots & Starspots, pp. 83 - 85 (Eds. Strassmeier, K. G.; Washuettl, A.). 1st Potsdam Thinkshop, Potsdam, May 06, 2002 - May 10, 2002. Brandenburgische Universitätsdruckerei, Potsdam (2002)
Conference Paper
Predehl, P.: ABRIXAS scientific goal and mission concept. In: EUV, X-ray and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy X, pp. 172 - 183 (Eds. Siegmund, O.H.W.; Flanagan, K.A.). EUV, X-ray and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy X, Denver, Colorado, USA, July 21, 1999 - July 23, 1999. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, Bellingham, Wash., USA (1999)
Conference Paper
Greiner, J.; Predehl, P.; Harmon, B. A.: ROSAT observation of the 4U 1543-47 outburst in 1992. In: The Second COMPTON Symposium, pp. 314 - 318 (Eds. Fichtel; C.E.; Gehrels; N.; Norris et al.). The Second COMPTON Symposium, College Park, MD, USA, September 20, 1993 - September 22, 1993. American Institute of Physics, Melville,NY (1994)

Report (1)

Merloni, A.; Predehl, P.; Becker, W. E.; Böhringer, H.; Boller, T.; Brunner, H.; Brusa, M.; Dennerl, K.; Freyberg, M.; Friedrich, P. et al.; Georgakakis, A.; Haberl, F.; Hasinger, G.; Meidinger, N.; Mohr, J.; Nandra, K.; Rau, A.; Reiprich, T.H.; Robrade, J.; Salvato, M.; Santangelo, A.; Sasaki, M.; Schwope, A.; Wilms, J.; Hasinger, G.; Nandra, K.: eROSITA science book: mapping the structure of the energetic universe. Max-Planck-Institut für extraterretrische Physik, Garchin (2012), 82 pp.
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