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Nov 16, 2005:
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The year 2005 marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's "miraculous year" in which he published three seminal papers describing ideas that have since influenced all of modern physics: the theories of special relativity, the photoelectric effect and the Brownian motion. On June 1st, 2004, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared the year 2005 the International Year of Physics. In Germany several major scientific outreach events are planned for the "Einstein-Year" .

Modern astrophysics and cosmology are building on Einstein's theories, most importantly the theory of relativity, and can thus undoubtedly represent one of his legacies. In the current "Golden Age" of Astrophysics, several new observatories, instruments and satellite missions (e.g. Swift and Astro-E2) are expected to provide new data in 2005. We are planning to celebrate the "Einstein-Year" in Munich, marking one of the final highlights of this "Annus Mirabilis" with an international conference summarizing recent progress in relativistic astrophysics and cosmology.

Scientific Themes
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts - the Creation of Black Holes?
  • Neutron Stars, Black Holes, Microquasars
  • The Galactic Center and Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies
  • Active Galactic Nuclei, Feeding and Feedback
  • Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
  • Clusters of Galaxies and Large Scale Structure
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Einstein's Greatest Triumph?
Invited Speakers :

Roger Blandford, Jürgen Ehlers, Neil Gehrels, Reinhard Genzel, Riccardo Giacconi, Piero Madau, Felix Mirabel, Hagai Netzer, Lyman Page, Sterl Phinney, Edward L. Wright

Scientific Advisory Committee:

R. Blandford, J. Ehlers, R. Genzel, G. Hasinger (chair), B. Leibundgut, G. Neugebauer, M. Rees, H.-W. Rix, P. Schneider, B. Schutz, R. Sunyaev, J. Trümper

Local Organising Committee:

B. Aschenbach (chair), V. Burwitz, W. Fankenhuizen, M. Freyberg, I. Jacobs, M. Lindner (TUM)

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