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list printer list printer sorted cups-server: MAC Printer Setup: Add - IP - - Address: - Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD - Queue: px5c (for example) - Name: px5c (for example) - Print Using: - Select Printer Software: HP - Colorlaserjet 4700 or similar (for example) - Tray 3 installed (for px5c,px7c,px10c) - Duplex installed (for px5c,px7c,px10c) prcas1c(MAC): Install Drivers from CD or download o13af1de_m_ppd355.dmg from: Printer - + - IP - - Address: - Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD - Queue: prcas1c - Name: prcas1c - Print Using: - Select Printer Software - other - MacPPD v3.55_de - deutsch - MacOSX - use driver for: Canon iR-ADV C5250/5255 PPD (C5240 not available - C5250 works, too) list of printer and type/model if correct Printer Software not found: Yosemite 10.10.x: Kyocera 9120 = 9130 works HP 4700 not found - try: Generic Postscript Printer Mavericks or older: install gutenprint-software from: choose gutenprint-5.2.9.dmg or newer NOT for OSX-Yosemite ! - please try Generic Postscript Printer first, than install gutenprint (above) before and try, but maybe in Mavericks...: or download programs and install it (for HP CLJ 4700dn): 1. hpijs-3.10.6.dmg 2. foomatic-rip- 3. gplgs-8.71.dmg hpijs-3.10.6.dmg foomatic-rip- gplgs-8.71.dmg after installation missing drivers which names are including hpijs are available for installing Suse11.0 needs a exception for cups?, ipp-client, ipp-server in the firewall if above NOT working (wait 1, 2 minutes), than: change line in /etc/cups/client.conf with: ServerName ... to ServerName or print on pk5c DIN A3: kprinter filename - Properties => A3 use paper tray 2 ! change ~/.lpoptions for example: Dest pk5c/s Duplex=none Dest pk5c/d Duplex=DuplexNoTumble Dest pk5c/a3 PageSize=A3 how to see all lpoptions: lpoptions -p printername -l Windows7 64bit Deutsch Oki ES3640 Windows7 64bit Englisch Oki ES3640 Windows7 32bit Deutsch Oki ES3640 Windows7 32bit Englisch Oki ES3640 how to install a new Windows-Printer how to install prcas1c on Windows how to update Driver of a replaced Windows-Printer MAC-OS driver for Kyocera-Printer MAC-OS driver for pk5c/OKI MAC-OS driver for pk5c/OKI configure: Available Trays: 5 (High Capacity Feeder + 1 Optional Tray) Duplex Yes 768 MB RAM please have a look at and search for pk5c, too. Mac-OS special-settings/cups: sudo cupsctl BrowseRemoteProtocols=cups => contacting cups-server @ mpe Mac-OS change to german keyboard: Klick Finger/Apple Logo - System Preferences - Internatiolization - Search for german - Select it - close it - US-flag at the top of the screen - click it to change language and keyboard keyboard English-International or US?

A0-printer pk4ca0/Designjet T1500PS, 36"

MAC Installation at Windows Installation at be careful, only use Roll 1 for normal printout Roll 1 HP Coated paper = Gestrichenes Papier Roll 2 HP Gloss Photo paper - expensive

A0-printer pk3ca0/dj800ps:

Problem: prints with mostly black possible Solution: 1. without picture frame 2. Postscript! you need Postscript-Driver, for MAC available via google - search for: dj-800 treiber mac or you find it here: MacOS-X Lion (Mavericks not tested) MacOS-X Snow-Leopard


try: lpr -Ppk4ca0 filename.pdf (maybe not best quality) acroread: prints in A0: Settings: Properties: Print Document on: A0 Color Management: Printer Managed Colors Econo Mode: Off Margins/Borderless: Standard Maximum Detail: On Print Quality: Best Paper Type: Coated paper Media Size: A0 okular: works perfekt as replacement for acroread evince: all settings in A0 but prints only in A4

Print from Astrophysik on MPE-Printer:

lp -h -d printername filename lp -h -d px16s filename cups-documentation

W7 exgal after new cups-server installation 3.2015

add printer (be sure IPP-Printing is enabled in programm - features) - network or wireless-printer - select: printer is not listed - Select a shared printer by name and insert: - choose driver ... finish

ssh to dsxx-machines from outside

you need an account on to get access to ds2*,ds5*,dst04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

alternative to dropbox

don't use dropbox - the data are elsewhere in the world (not Germany) and not secure try instead: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Information: use WPA/WPA2 Personal (NOT Enterprise) how to get access


Emailsettings installing Email-Address: - HEG-Group: J. Paul 3878/4878 H. Baumgartner 3346 other MPE: R. Sigl 3557/4557 C. Kollmer 4607 mozilla + thunderbird on mpemail-server (IMAP!) - add account: account Name: your choice your name: Your Name email-address: Server Settings - Receiving: - Server Name: (imap) Server Name: (pop) - don't try Username: username Button - Use secure settings (SSL) needed don't activate Button at: Use secure authentication imap: Port 993 pop: Port ? - Sending: - Server Name: Attention: 2 mal s ! or thunderbird: Advanced - show only subscribed folder - Button should not be selected - Outgoing: port 587 (use 25 if not works ), TLS if available - connection security none (Password) - Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely Sender address: set it correct in webmail (sending email to someone), it will be stored for future thunderbird-problem under kubuntu trusty (14.04) writing emails - attach - not correct working Solution: ~/.config:$ diff gtk-3.0/settings.ini bad_gtk-3.0/settings.ini good lines: < gtk-font-name=Noto Sans 10 < gtk-theme-name=Breeze < gtk-icon-theme-name=breeze bad lines: > gtk-font-name=Ubuntu 9 > gtk-theme-name=oxygen-gtk > gtk-icon-theme-name= oxygen use mozilla! - login to mail account@mpemail squirrelMail Interface Attachments bigger than 2 MBytes not possible Attention! Your email-folders should not contain more than 10.000 emails, otherwise it will not shown (timeout) Attention: at 'create Mail' look at sender: should be NOT userid@mpemail to change Password/forward for your mail account Description for this mail server pine: smtp-server nicht eintragen (leer lassen), da sonst beim Versenden nach Password gefragt wird. Description for feeding Mailfilter at RZG with good mails which are tagged as spam (whitelist = -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mozilla + thunderbird and new mpemail-server (IMAP!) - add account: account Name: your choice your name: Your Name email-address: Server Settings - Receiving: - Server Name: (imap) Server Name: (pop) Username: username Button - Use secure settings (SSL) needed don't activate Button at: Use secure authentication imap: Port 993 pop: Port ? - Sending: - Server Name: Attention: 2 mal s ! thunderbird: Advanced - show only subscribed folder - Button should not be selected - Outgoing: port 587 (former 465), or try 25 if it doesn't work, TLS? Sender address: set it correct in webmail (sending email to someone), it will be stored for future --- kmail special: it's not the inbox above, it's the inbox at the end with a special symbol for IMAP to move emails from local-machine to mpemail (IMAP) you have first to create the corresponding folders on mpemail and move the content of the folder to mpemail with CTRL-A you are able to select all Setting 'sent-mail'-folder to IMAP: kmail - Settings - configure kmail - Identification - Advanced: change folder Problem: wrong profile, profile-directory in binary-file ~/.mozilla/appreg Solve: use emacs to change the directory in appreg (maybe it works not after this) Problem: firefox not starting Errormessage: GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed Solution: ps aux|grep firefox and kill process and have a look for lock-files Problem with firefox (3.5*,3.6*): no keyboard input possible - mouse works Solution: ONLY logout/login ! Errormessage: Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system Solve: rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/.../lock .parentlock Errormessage: Thunderbird is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Thunderbird process, or restart your system Solve: rm ~/.mozilla-firefox/.../lock .parentlock kmail Distribution list: kaddressbook - Settings - show extension bar - Distribution list sobald man einen Kontakt oben anklickt, kann man ihn unten mit add anhäengen mozilla und Drucken/Printer/lpr: lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+`-P`}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME} Profile Name in userid/.mozilla/appreg mit emacs editierbar, danach con- vertiert er's am besten neues Profil erzeugen/altes wegschmeissen wenn das alte Profil noch in Benutzung ist (obwohl kein mozilla gestartet ist): ~userid/.mozilla/Default User/xxx.slt/lock loeschen nach Erzeugen von neuem Profil werden die Emails nicht gesehen: ~userid/.mozilla/Default User/xxx.slt/Mail/unibo.... ds02.xray... oder Userid dann muss man: mozilla-suite -mail aufrufen, den Folder, der ohne Inhalt ist, mit der rechten Maustaste anklicken - Properties - Server Settings - UNTEN - "Local directory:" Browse anklicken den Button "nach oben" anklicken und den richtigen Ordner wählen - ok... mozilla-suite -profilemanager um ein anderes Profil zu nehmen, oder im Mozilla unter Tools - Switch Profile falls Emails im File/Ordner da sind, sie im mozilla aber nicht angezeigt wer- den: checken: grep X-Mozilla-Status: wenn 8009 dann werden sie nicht mehr gesehen, auf 0001 setzen, dann werden sie wieder gesehen 0009 = geloescht, aber noch drin, erst "compact folder" loescht wirklich not works: How to enable encryption in email (thunderbird): - install pgpgpg ( - Windows/Mac/Linux) - Windows7: How to enable encryption in email (thunderbird): WindowsXP: How to enable encryption in email (thunderbird):

how to get the Windows-driver for px1s (Kyocera 9120DN)

open Explorer: Kyocera9120 KXDriver choose Operating System copy the folder to your PC open the update driver in printer dialog or install new printer px1s Special-settings: A4 160 MB RAM

how to get the Windows-driver for px7c/px10c (HP ColorLaserjet 4700DN)

open Explorer: ColorLaserjet4700 choose Operating System copy the folder to your PC open the update driver in printer dialog or install new printer px7c,px10c


A4 288 MB RAM add Tray 3 ! Properties - Finishing - Duplex

XRAY-Group only!

Howto to connect laptop to network you want to connect your laptop to the network - we need some information from you: - MAC/Hardware-Address, for example: 00:0b:af:0d:12:34 to find it out: - boot to windows and type at Command window: getmac /v (ipconfig/all) or - boot to Linux and type in: /sbin/ifconfig eth0 tell this to H. Baumgartner (Tel.: 3346) or J. Paul (Tel.: 3878/4878) and the room where you want to connect the laptop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to use NAGF90-license-file

export NAG_KUSARI_FILE=/afs/ipp/common/LicMgmt/kusari/licenses/nagkusari.lic

Special for ds22,ds23,dst04,ds41,ds42,ds43,ds44,ds52-ds54 (kubuntu precise,trusty)

KMAIL: don't use it - may cause some trouble - ds21: kmail crashs - please use kontact (in Office) instead (kmail embedded) - only IDL 6.4 or higher works - all other versions crash - LANG should not be set in .bash*, because it should be: en_US.UTF-8 - maybe! konqueror Postscript-files will not shown correct: konfigure konqueror - file associations - use /usr/bin/gs (complete path) instead of kghostview,gv.. you have to play with Embedded-Settings, too. Konqueror-Problem, bzw. get binary/gzipped-data with konqueror: gunzip: 0402560101_ODF.tar.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated Behebung: konqueror - Settings - Configure Konqueror - Cache - don't use, or clear cache -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

to get RZG-Account (cluster at RZG): - neuer Benutzer choose: MPI für Extraterrestrische Physik Genehmiger/approved by: Harald Baumgartner insert: surname ... HEG-Gruppe: Frank Haberl oder Jochen Greiner (Mentor/Supervisor) Billing: 00 = allgemein, z.B. Elektronik/Konstruktion 30 = heg supervisor: Haberl, Greiner, Nandra 40 = gamma 90 = cas supervisor Langer, userid: alanger 2020-09-30 expiration-Date (example) external email-address: phone number: 089/30000xxxx (xxxx=MPE) just for information: 00 | xxxxx | xxxxx | Elektronik / Konstruktion | 10 | 10210 | 20000 | Plasma / Magnetosphaere / Sonnenwind | 20 | 14400 | 16300 | Infrarotgruppe am MPE | 30 | 10230 | 20000 | Roentgen-Astronomie | 40 | 10240 | 20000 | Gamma-Gruppe | 50 | 10250 | 20000 | ? Labor-Astrophysik / Laser-Spektroskopie | 60 | 10260 | 20000 | Theorie-Gruppe | 70 | 10270 | 20000 | IT / Datenverarbeitung | 80 | 10280 | 20000 | Interpretative Astronomie | 90 | 10255 | 20000 | Center for Astrochemical Studies if you need access to Grond-data or data from former Gamma-Group you must choose under Systems: gamma group preferred login name: Shell: bash check wether user is expired/enabled/disabled -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


wget --no-check-certificate 27-Feb-2018 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


apt-get install p7zip-full /usr/bin/7z 7za --help 7za e = Extract 7za t = Test integrity 7za l = List contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Special for ds2* 64bit Architekture (kubuntu trusty,precise,lucid,ds2*,ds4*,dst04 )

idl - Version 6.4 or 7.x, 8.x, 8.5 (64bit/32bit) works = source /utils/ choose with: idl = 64bit idl -32 = 32bit Acrobat-Reader - works, it's a 32bit Application, please use okular, xpdf, too. or add /utils/Adobe/Reader9/bin to your path or run: /utils/Adobe/Reader9/bin/acroread or add /utils/Adobe/Reader8/bin to your path or run: /utils/Adobe/Reader8/bin/acroread ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iraf - Howto iraf = csh userid@ds21:~$ csh /utils/iraf-setup-ecl.csh with ecl Prompt or userid@ds21:~$ csh /utils/iraf2.14-setup.csh with cl Prompt or userid@ds21:~$ source /utils/ OR (thanks to Manolis): add in your .cshrc: setenv IRAFARCH redhat setenv iraf /utils/iraf2.14/iraf/ setenv host $iraf/unix/ setenv hlib $iraf/unix/hlib/ setenv hbin $iraf/unix/bin/ setenv stsdas /utils/iraf2.14/extern/stsdas/ setenv tables /utils/iraf2.14/extern/tables/ setenv mscred /utils/iraf2.14/extern/mscred/ source ${iraf}/unix/hlib/irafuser.csh setenv arch .$IRAFARCH alias ciraf 'setenv mypwd `pwd`;cd /home/erovilos/IRAF;xgterm -g 80x44+24+20 -sb -fn 7x14 -fg white -bg black -ms red -bd yellow -ls -T `hostname`" iraf xgterm" -n iraf -cr green -e /utils/iraf2.14/iraf/bin.redhat/cl.e &' AND in your .bashrc: alias iraf='csh -c ciraf' emacs: emacs21, xemacs or xemacs21 ------------------------- xspec-Errors when using: "source /utils/; source /utils/ 11.0.0" Errormessage: alloc: invalid block: 0x1b33f10: 0 0 3e Origin: /usr/lib/ found Solution: rm /usr/lib/ Error: xspec XSPEC version: 12.8.2n Build Date/Time: Wed May 27 16:21:42 2015 alloc: invalid block: 0x2018a40: 78 5d Aborted (core dumped) Solution/Workaround: comment out in .bashrc: source /utils/ insert instead in .bashrc: alias setxmm="source /utils/" Attention: after invoking xmmsas-setup you will get a core dump invoking xspec, Solution next lines ------------------------------------- xspec and python3: it works on ds* and he*srv 15-Jan-2019: source /utils/ ds54: source /utils/ ds54:~:$ python3 Python 3.5.2 (default, Nov 23 2017, 16:37:01) [GCC 5.4.0 20160609] on linux Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import xspec >>> or: he4srv:~:$ source /utils/ he4srv:~:$ ipython3 Python 3.4.3 (default, Nov 28 2017, 16:41:13) Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. IPython 1.2.1 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. ? -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features. %quickref -> Quick reference. help -> Python's own help system. object? -> Details about 'object', use 'object??' for extra details. In [1]: import xspec In [2]: Do you really want to exit ([y]/n)? y 23-Oct-2014: source /utils/ = /utils/ source /utils/ xspec => crash - core dumped Workaround: again: source /utils/ now it works. -------------------------------------------- zhtools (22-May-2019): /utils/zhtools_64bit/bin /utils/zhtools/xxxx only 32bit ! outdated -------------------------------------------- Errormessage: 101: shift: can't shift that many Solution: /usr/local/bin/perl missing or not pointing to /afs/.... /bin/sh => bash NOT => dash ----------------------------------------------
saotrace source /utils/ - in this setup SAS_DIR will be unset otherwise trace-nest doesn't work trace-nest options -------------------
afs - Howto in German: Kurzinfo zu afs afs = Andrew Filesystem (worldwide network filesystem - not galactic wide) YOU MUST BE CONNECTED TO INTERNET klog userid to get a token (max. 28 days - then you must again login with klog userid) - needed for read/write permission to for example: /afs/mpe/www/people/userid Info: getting a token => .bashrc... not reading for IPP-afs: klog or klog userid -cell tokens overwiew to have or not have write permission tokens Tokens held by the Cache Manager: User's (AFS ID 22001) tokens for [Expires Aug 7 16:02] --End of list-- => allowed! tokens Tokens held by the Cache Manager: --End of list-- => not allowed/logged out unlog logout from afs change afs-password: kpasswd (linux, mac) On most linux machines you only need /afs/mpe/... without if in doubt use /afs/ quota enabled ! check: fs lq /afs/mpe/www/people/userid or other Path fs lq /afs/ or other Path Errormessage because of wrong time/date: Password: Unable to authenticate to AFS because server and client clocks are badly skewed. Solution: install ntp Error: klog points to kerberos 5 Solution/Workaround: try: klog.afs Errormessage: kpasswd: Configuration file does not specify default realm when parsing name xxxx Origin: machine is using kerberos5 (former kerberos 4) Solution/Workaround: /usr/local/bin/kpasswd (have a look at: /root/bin/kpasswd) Errormessage: File too large maybe during copy a little file Solution: Split data in more directories Origin: File too large: max Anzahl der files in einem Directory sind 64000, aber je nach Anzahl der Character können es auch nur ~30000 sein

afs how to - Windows:

afs how to - Windows Windows Windows 10: contact Mrs. Kollmer or Mrs. Oberauer, if not reachable (Status: Nov 2017) Windows7 64bit openafs 64bit .msi reboot needed Windows7 openafs 32bit-tools-en..msi reboot needed? OpenAFSLogin.7z Windows8.1 64bit: Windows7 64bit openafs 64bit .msi reboot requested Windows7 openafs 32bit-tools-en..msi Version 1.7: in Windows 8.1 there is no afs-program in programs displayed, only uninstall try commands: klog, tokens and map network drive Install Version 1.7.1100 - install only client!: Windows7 32bit: Windows7 openafs 32bit-installer..msi Windows7 64bit: Windows7 64bit openafs 64bit .msi Windows7 openafs 32bit-tools-en..msi Install - old versions: XP/Vista/Windows7 openafs 32bit debug.exe XP/Vista/Windows7 64bit openafs 64bit debug.exe owncloud.mpe.mpg.dde Configuration is in Systemsteuerung as an extra afs-Symbol (klassische Ansicht) Cell: ALL k*.exe are ONLY for MS-DOS Window open a MS-DOS Window (cmd) and type in: klog userid to get a token - needed for write permission to for example: /afs/mpe/www/people/userid Windows 8: see Windows 7 - works, tested 9-May-2014 Windows 7/10: Netzlaufwerk verbinden: Explorer - Computer - rechte Maustaste - new netzwerkaddress - weiter \\afs\\heg - OK Problem/Error: Missing afs-logon on Taskmanager Solution: Create on Desktop: afs_logon.cmd save as: "afs_logon.cmd" otherwise it will be a test-file Edit afs_logon.cmd and insert: klog userid "password" or without password, you will be prompted Systemsteuerung: remove Haeckchen for login automatic in afs Windows8.1/Windows7: Explorer - Desktop - choose in a empty place with right click - create text datei - Name: afs_logon (for example): insert klog userid "password" like above rename it to: afs_login.cmd Windows XP: Netzlaufwerk verbinden: Explorer - Extras - right mouse click - Netzlaufwerk verbinden - Z: for example \\afs\\heg\erosita change afs-password: kpasswd Errormessage: unable to authenticate to AFS because code = 98: requested ticket lifetime invalid. Solution: ? deinstall new installed openafs-client, reboot, install again

afs how to - Mac:

afs how to - Mac Installation kerberos4: if keberos5 works (RZG/MPCDF): or for older versions: Homepage of OpenAFS Cell: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- simput/sixte: source /utils/ source /utils/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- marx_5.0.0: source /utils/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- root 5.34.36: source /utils/trusty/root_v5.34.36src/bin/ or source /utils/trusty/root_v5.34.36src/bin/thisroot.csh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- root 5.21.04 (the software package from at /afs/cern...): source /utils/ exit/close: .q -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

erosita Videocon at X5/1.2.10

dummy@ Please enter a Meeting Room: 3288# # danach, nicht voran dummy@ ohne 3288 dummy@ ohne 3288 SIP Call okay G-MPE-VC@@vc.mpe okay H323 okay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

theli gui

/utils/gui/theli include scamp (under kubuntu 12.04 = ds41, ds22/ds23) or /utils/theli-gui (link point to /utils/gui/theli) or . /utils/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

google hacks

Suchstring: allintitle:Forum der PC Praxis Grenzt die Ergebnisse auf Seiten ein, die alle Suchbegriffe in der Browser-Titelzeile haben Suchstring: intitle:"PCPraxis" Tipps Mit diesem Befehl wird nur der erste Suchbegriff in der Titel- zeile gesucht und alle danach folgenden Woerter im Text Suchstring: allinurl:Cheats Sims Hier muessen alle Suchbegriffe in der URL stehen. Suchstring: inurl:login Forum login Nur der erste Suchbegriff muss bei diesem Kommando in der URL stehen, alle anderen im Text Suchstring: ext:zip NameDerDatei Mit diesem Operator koennen Sie nach Links auf bestimmte Datei- typen suchen Suchstring: cache:Wort Google speichert indizierte Dateien in einem Cache zwischen, der mit diesem Befehl gefunden wird Suchstring: site: Suchbegriff Mit dieser Eingabe suchen Sie nur auf einer bestimmten Webseite -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

pcxray3 ultravncserver/viewer vncviewer pcxray3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IDL (/utils) ds2*,ds4*,ds5*,dst04 (astrolib included): for example: . /utils/ or = idl 6.4 default . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.5 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.4 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.3 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.2 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.1 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 8.0 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 7.1 . /utils/ (..setup.csh) idl 7.0 emacs and idl: include in .bash_profile: source /utils/ #to include astrolib export PATH=$PATH:/utils/idl_7.1/bin start: emacs choose IDLWAVE at head external - Start IDL-Shell or have a look at IDL in a command procedure: $IDL_DIR/bin/idl because idl is after invoking of a alias and only in a interactiv shell available expand IDL_PATH under bash: in .bashrc: export IDL_PATH='<IDL_DEFAULT>:'/home/userid/IDL IDL = folder which contains your .pro files export IDL_PATH=$IDL_PATH:+'/home/userid/IDL/xxxxxx:/home/userid/xxxxxx....' or directly in IDL: idl>!path=expand_path('<IDL_DEFAULT>:+/home/userid/IDL') check the path by (example): idl>print, !path idl>print, get_screen_size()/2 no error message should appear if: /DOUBLE causes a %Syntax error your IDL_PATH is not correct expand PATH under bash: ~/.idlenv (create it) IDL_PATH=\+$IDL_DIR/lib:+~userid/idl/lib:+~userid/external/lib; export IDL_PATH source ~/.idlenv in your .bashrc expand PATH under tcsh: ~/.idlenv (create it) setenv IDL_PATH \+$IDL_DIR/lib:+~userid/idl/lib:+~userid/external/lib: source ~/.idlenv in your .cshrc

how to contact RZG-IDL-License-Server

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=28518: = = OR Mac: cat /Users/userid/.flexlmrc IDL_LMGRD_LICENSE_FILE=/Applications/exelis/license/license.dat /Applications/exelis/license/license.dat contains: SERVER 00096B6384D7 28518 USE_SERVER

how to contact an MPE-IDL-License-Server from outside MPE

in Windows/Linux/Mac: in one window: ssh -L 28518: -L 7313: or in another window (for bash): export LM_LICENSE_FILE=28518@ idl in another window (for tcsh): tcsh setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 28518@ idl or Login via vpn to MPE - userid's you will get from J. Paul (3878) or H. Baumgartner (3346) IDL Performance Test: von Aufruf mit: IDL>fcpu_time_test, fact=20 20 kann auch 1 oder höher sein idl -e demo starts IDL with demo application

IDL on a TrueColor Terminal:

Problem: Windows will not be refreshed: Solution: - edit ~/.Xdefaults and insert: idl.gr_visual: TrueColor idl.gr_depth: 24 idl.retain: 2 danach: xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults (both on ~userid at login machine, for example: ds02, o21) Test for this: idl loadct 13 for example device,decompose=0 tv,findgen(512,512) => rainbow in an extra window => black window appear with white quadrat and move windows over white quadrat - should refreshed IDL 8.0/IDL 8.1: ds* bash: source /utils/ ds* bash: source /utils/ Error in IDL 8.1 idl>demo ... Segmentation fault Solution: copy it from here to ..../bin/bin.linux.x86_64: 64bit Errormessage by invoking idlde and a popup window appears: An error has occured. See the log file /home/userid/.idl/itt/idlworkbench-config-idl8.1.0/xxxxx.log Solution: correct the path in .../idlde/idlde.linux.x86_64.ini Error in idlde (only): idlde> p1=plot(findgen(200)) % Loaded DLM: XML. % IDLITWINDOW::ONEXPOSE: Failure to acquire window rendering context. % Unable to acquire device context. % Execution halted at: $MAIN$ Solution: NONE ! in IDL 8.0/IDL 8.1 Solution for local IDL-Installation: Preferences - IDL - Graphics to Hardware ! Error: idlde>p1=plot(findgen(200)) => idl crashes # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007f04c88b57e4, pid=2239, tid=139658763560704 # # JRE version: 6.0_17-b04 # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (14.3-b01 mixed mode linux-amd64 ) # Problematic frame: # C [] __cxa_allocate_exception+0x24 # # An error report file with more information is saved as: # /home/gih/hs_err_pid2239.log # # If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit: # # The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code. # See problematic frame for where to report the bug. # copy it from here to ..../bin/bin.linux.x86_64: 64bit Solution: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/itt/idl/idl/bin/bin.linux.x86_64 or: 64bit export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/utils/idl_8.0/bin/bin.linux.x86_64 or: 32bit export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/utils/idl_8.0/bin/bin.linux.x86 IDL 6.1: o20 bash: source /util/ o20 tcsh: source /util/enable_61.csh IDL 6.4 - default IDL 5.4 last version which works for o09 Errormessage: IDL> demo % Embedded IDL: ITT Visual Information Solutions, IDL Demo System. % Restored file: DEMO. % Error loading sharable executable. Symbol: IDL_Load, File = /utils/idl_7.0/bin/bin.linux.x86/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory % Error occurred at: DEMOOBJ__DEFINE % OBJ_NEW % DEMO % $MAIN$ % Execution halted at: $MAIN$ Reason: /usr/lib32/ missing Solution: copy it from a 32bit machine to /usr/lib32/

gitlab from RZG

as first you need an account at RZG then search for: datashare please login with your RZG-userid to: + Folder/Upload Documents.... (copy! not move please ) Once logged in, on the right under your name you will find an entry "Personal" where you can download desktop- and mobile clients. Use these clients to synchronize a folder on your local machine with the DataShare service. In the web interface, you can also upload files manually via drag & drop. default limit: 100 GB Full description under: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eduroam settings von runterladen, Einloggen mit RZG-afs-account noetig! Description under: Services - Network - eduroam !!! MAC-OSX until Yosemite (maybe el capitan): Download file from RZG and run this config file, answer questions and insert and password Windows 7 - Software installieren => funktioniert Windows XP - Software installieren = NUR Windows soll WLAN kontrollieren (IBM, Intel... deaktivieren!) Intel deaktivieren: Start - Programme - Intel Pro Wireless - Advanced? - Windows soll das Interface kontrollieren Network Connection Properties - Wirelesss Networks - Preferred networks - eduroam Properties - Association: Network Autentication: WPA2 Data encryption: AES Authentication: EAP type: SecureW2 EAP-TTLS Properties: Default RZG ! NO ! Haeckchen at: Authenticate as computer when computer information is available NO ! Haeckchen at: Authenticate as guest when user or computer information is unavailable if you click on Wireless network and eduroam there will be a window appear in the right botton - click in the window - there pop ups a window with userid/password - fill in - that's it. allgemeine Information, not Windows!: SSID: eduroam Sicherheit: "802.1X Enterprise" Data Encryption: "TKIP" ? EAP Methode: "TTLS" Teil 2 Authentifizierung: "PAP" Identity: "" or: userid: "your userid" domain: "" Anonyme Identitaet: "" WLAN Passwort: "afs-userid" from RZG! NOT MPE

Editor vi/vim

Problem: cut and paste => paste works not well - characters are moved in the line to right Solution: set noautoindent
fv filename => unable to alloc ....: quota für userid/work1/.fv oder ulimit -S -d 1024000 ulimit -s unlimited siehe auch weiter unten - nach ulimit suchen Fehler: /tmp/fvtmp gehoert einem User Behebung: bash: export FVTMP=/tmp/userid = /tmp/userid/fvtmp wird angelegt csh: setenv FVTMP /tmp/userid = /tmp/userid/fvtmp wird angelegt
Midas/Exsas at TrueColor Terminal: init/display p5=rgb or init/display pr=rgbq Achtung: falls es nicht funktioniert in userid/midwork/login.prg nachschauen, ob dort schon Fenster geöffnet werden.
libreoffice, former openoffice : libreoffice if too slow, have a look at (search for "Start beschleunigen"): Errormessage/Fehlermeldung beim Oeffnen: The application cannot be started. [context="user"] caught unexpected an error occurred during file opening Solution/Loesung/Ursache: das gleiche Dokument ist bereits offen - schliessen oder jemand Anderes aktualisiert diese Datei gerade


. /utils/ Attention: don't use this in .bash_profile, otherwise you will run into problems with: - kde - kmail bash: . /utils/ bash: . /utils/ csh: . /utils/ciao-4.9-setup.csh csh: . /utils/ciao-4.10-setup.csh If Errormessage like: No appropriate OpenGL-capable visual found. bash: export LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 csh: setenv LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT 1 Version: dmlist "$CALDB/docs/chandra/caldb_version/caldb_version.fits[cols caldb_ver, ciao_ver]" data source /utils/ in .bashrc works, but lheasoft doesn't work after this source /utils/ oder . /utils/ oder . /utils/ -o 3.3 useful commands: dmextract dmlist dmstat prism pset punlearn plist acis_fef_lookup => Overview acis_fef_lookup x.fits 7 200 300 verbose verbose = more Output ahelp - Overview commands fits-tools, z.B. imcopy ciao bringt LD_LIBRARY_PATH durcheinander): evtl. unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH oder bei Problemen mit imcopy: imcopy: /utils/ciao-3.3/lib/ no version information available (required by imcopy) export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/utils/ciao-3.3/lib:/utils/ciao-3.3/contrib/lib to compile (example): c++ imcopy.c -o imcopy -lcfitsio Fehlermeldung: dmlist: error while loading shared libraries: requires glibc 2.5 or later dynamic linker Loesung: ciao-4.0 oder moderneres Betriebssystem Fehlermeldung bei Aufruf von dmlist: can't copy reference parameter file to user directory Ursache: ~userid/cxcds_param4 nicht schreibbar - Eigentuemer? Solution: chown -Rh userid:group cxcds_param4


xmmsas: Voraussetzung: qt3 muss unter anderem installiert sein vor Aufruf von darf NICHT gesetzt sein (sonst mit: unset SAS_DIR auf Null setzen): SAS_DIR und SAS_PATH (macht das source /xmm/devel/ /xmm/devel/builds/xmmsas_20050202..dist oder: source /utils/ Fehlermeldung: version 7.1.0 of xmmsas not known/installed Fehlermeldung: version 8.0.0 of xmmsas not known/installed Ursache: /xmm-devel-link fehlt Behebung: cd / ln -s /xmm/devel-linux /xmm-devel sasversion gibt die sasversion, Pfad.. aus sas, evselect, emldetect -v, xmmselect - letzteres benoetigt die = Fast Fourier Transformation asmooth Fehlermeldung: error: LHEASOFT is undefined - Please define and initialize HEADAS ! Solution: change sequence in .bashrc first: source /utils/lheasoft... second: source /utils/xmmsas-setup... Errormessage/Fehlermeldung: epproc::epframes: fatal error (OutOfMemory), An out-of-memory Solution: ulimit -s unlimited Errormessage/Fehlermeldung: emchain: warning(badinstrument) ! INSTRUME = _____ in frame06.out.mos[0] is not EMOS ccd: 6 node: 1 : No data Ursache und Behebung: ~userid/pfiles/fkeyprint.par fehlerhaft => löschen 32bit - = Operating System Kubuntu hardy: Fehlermeldung: asmooth: symbol lookup error: /utils/xmmsas_8.0/lib/ undefined symbol: fftwnd_f77_one__ Solution: source /utils/ 9.0.0 XMM-Screening-Software: if using a screen with lower resolution as 1600x1200 (for example: 1680x1050) than contact H. Brunner or M. Brusa - script is from T. Boller
gnuplot-4.6: - as user xy - check whether directory Downloads and ~bin exists or create it - cd Downloads - tar -zxvf /utils/tgz/gnuplot-4.6.0.tar.gz - cd gnuplot-4.6.0 - ./configure --prefix=/home/userid - make - make install now the gnuplot-4.6.bin is in /home/userid/bin/ libexec/share in /home/userid check whether: ~bin is included in your PATH and in your .bash_profile source .bash_profile afterwards is needed, or logout/login
ds9: Errormessage: An error occured while executing /usr/local/lib/ds9.prf. DS9 will complete the initialization process Solution: rm /usr/local/lib/ds9.prf or ~/.ds9.prf Errormessage: An error occured while executing ./.ds9.prf. DS9 will complete the initialization process Solution: rm ~/.ds9.prf (William Joye/Robert Suhada): you need to put the last argument on the command line if you have another command following the -contour command: -contour load foo.con wcs fk5 black 1 -pan to $ra $dec wcs fk5 # bad -contour load foo.con wcs fk5 black 1 0 -pan to $ra $dec wcs fk5 # good Error: after loading any image in ds9 I am unable to close the image using FILE-exit menu. Even X button does not work. Solution not possible - Bug in kdm of feisty Workaround: close the image only using ctrl C. or kill -9 process-id Error: ds9 filename.fits => blank image in ds9 Origin: ???? Solution: rm ~/.samp or mv ~/.samp ~/.bad_samp Error: kommt hoch, aber bleibt leer Ursache: kein hostname gesetzt, nicht am Netzwerk Lösung: SUSE-Yast2 - network-Konfig ändern dass mit DHCP der hostname nicht mitgesetzt wird - fest eingeben Fehlermeldung: PA$WARNING: version mismatch detected between XPA-enabled server (2.1.4) and xpans. You probably will get bad results. Lösung: Der "version mismatch" bei XPA xpans setzt eine Variable und der erste User, der das Programm startet startet einen Server. csh: setenv XPA_NSINET $host:14285 for example: setenv XPA_NSINET ds07:14285 bash: export XPA_NSINET=$host:14285 for example: export XPA_NSINET=ds07:14285 Andere können auf den Server zugreifen. Wenn aber ein Update gemacht wird, stimmen die Versionen von client und Server nicht mehr, solange der alte Server noch am leben ist d.h. nicht alle User das alte lheasoft beendet haben. Lösung: jeder User setzt sich eine Variable und startet seinen eigenen Server auf einem beliebigen Port >1024 setenv XPA_NSINET $host:12345 und ciao/lheasoft setup probleme: wenn ciao nach lheasoft gestartet wird, dann zeigt XANADU auf ciao. Dort werden dann u.U. einige Files nicht gefunden (dann weiss man, dass was nicht stimmt) - schlimmstenfalls werden alte Files angezogen und man bekommt nichts davon mit. XSPEC>mo wa bb MTCHMD: failed to open model definition file : /util/ciao-3.0/ots/lheasoft/spectral/xspec/manager/model_11.3.0 model_11.3.0 ist in lheasoft aber nicht in ciao (dort ist nur 11.2.0) in Englisch: Solution: When an xpa-enabled program such as ds9 starts up, it tries to connect to an already running version of xpans, if possible. This is just a matter of efficiency, since in principle any xpans will do as a name server. But if a user wants to run his or her own copy of xpans, that is simple: just set the environment variable XPA_NSINET to something other than the default. This environment variable tells ds9 the machine on which to look for xpans and the port on which it will be listening. By default, the value is: setenv XPA_NSINET $host:14285 meaning that xpans will run on the current host and will listen on port 14285. To have your own xpans, you can simply change the port, e.g.: setenv XPA_NSINET $host:12345 This says to run xpans on the local host and listen on port 12345. When ds9 senses the XPA_NSINET environment variable set this way, it will check to see if an xpans is running that is listening on port 12345. Seeing none, it will start up a new one, independently of whether the default xpans is running and listening on port 14285. We use this technique all the time to separate out the chandra-ed xpans that runs on my machine.
XSPEC/xspec: Installation: as superuser/sudo -i mv headas-6.4 to /usr/local/bin (for example) cd /usr/local/bin/headas-6.4/i686-pc-linux-gnu-libc2.3.4/BUILD_DIR ./configure >& config.out edit user .bashrc and insert following lines: # for xspec... initalisation HEADAS=/usr/local/bin/headas-6.4/i686-pc-linux-gnu-libc2.3.4/ export HEADAS alias heainit=". $HEADAS/" heainit Fehlermeldungen beim Aufrufen des setup Ursache: hostname nicht gesetzt, nicht am Netzwerk Lösung: SUSE-Yast2 - network-Konfig ändern dass mit DHCP der hostname nicht mitgesetzt wird - fest eingeben Testen: xspec XSPEC12>cpd /xw
homepage of XSA/xsa (only dsxxx mozilla-firefox): older: firefox 2.0 at dsxx (except ds21): /utils/firefox/firefox ds21: firefox ( o2* : java -jar /util/xsa/XSA.jar XSA: xsa Return

eclipse ide (nicht ESO-Library):

ds11: eclipse Return Plug-in: photran - eclipse - Window - Preferences - Plug-in Development - Target Platform - Browse (bzw. links daneben) /utils/eclipse-ide-plugins_64/photran - Apply/Ok => 91 Out of 91 selected

Subclipse (Eclipse Subversion Plugin):

In Eclipse auf Help->Software Updates->Find and Install... Search for new features to install New Remote Site..., Name "Subclipse Update Site", URL "" Häkchen an die Subclipse Update Site machen auf Next klicken Subclipse auswählen, auf Next Lizenz akzeptieren, Next Finish druecken (wenn man mehrere Eclipse-Instanzen installiert hat, evtl vorher die Richtige auswählen, Installieren Anweisungen folgen (Eclipse neu starten)


Fehlermeldung: xxxx exsas.ctx => diese fehlt in /home/userid/midwork/ ds22/ds23 cp /etc/skel/midwork/exsas.ctx /home/userid/midwork/ Fehler: beim 2. Aufruf von inmidas -P oder exsas -P erscheint die Fehlermeldung: Invalid Midas Unit: 010 Enter Midas unit (00, 01, ..., 99, xa, ..., zz) Ursache: zu viele/falsche ~/midwork/RUNNINGxx-files Behebung: andere Session schliessen oder Eines davon löschen midas: Error: under precise or trusty use following setups (because of _ not recognized correct: Warning: Cannot open file: ratesetds23.ds /utils/midas-12FEBpl1.3.csh -> /afs/mpe/@sys/apps/midas/midas-setup.csh /utils/ -> /afs/mpe/@sys/apps/midas/ /utils/midas-32bit_12FEBpl1.3.csh -> /afs/mpe/@sys/apps/midas/midas-setup-32.csh /utils/ -> /afs/mpe/@sys/apps/midas/ check: inmidas 25 Midas 001> indisk/fits rateset_ds23.ds rateset_ds23.tbl keyword CONTINUE => COMMENT .... exsas: under precise or trusty use following setups: LD_LIBRARY_PATH will be set by correct and works check: exsas 25 Midas 001: create/parfil DRAWCOO drawcoo.epf Task : DRAWCOO Parameter file drawcoo.epf created

Fehler: java wird nicht automatisch aufgerufen Lösung: javaws (mind. 1.5.0..) muss als Application eingetragen werden

ciao: Probleme mit Parameter-files:

bei Aufruf von ciao wird eine Kopie von /utils/ciao/param nach userid/cxcds_param/... gemacht. Vielleicht ist dort ein Fehler?

ftools, xstar:

. /utils/ or . /utils/ newest version (v6.13 6-Feb-2013) or source /utils/ or source /utils/ fhelp ftools fhelp Return known bugs (v6.12) xstar creates some xout_*.log,xout_*.lis


Errormessage using /utils/lheasoft "warmabs" model xstar: One or more of the Atomic Database xstar: files are missing Program aborting STOP xstar: Missing Atomic Data files. Aborting... statement executed Solution: source /utils/ export LHEA_DATA=/utils/lheasoft.d/lheasoft-local/xspec/ xspec Error: xisRespUtil-1.3: no CALDB entry for 'CHARGETRAIL' (status=1502) >>>> Problem getting caldb index file (at HDgtcalf.c: 77) >>>> CALDB environment variable not set (at HDgtcalf.c: 590) >>>> Task xispi 2009-02-28 terminating with status -1 Solution: . /utils/ (if not done before) . /utils/ for example: caldbinfo Mode (BASIC, INST, or FULL)[INST] Name of Mission[suzaku] suzaku Name of Instrument[uvota] xis ** caldbinfo 1.0.2 ... Local CALDB appears to be set-up & accessible ** caldbinfo 1.0.2 completed successfully

alter netscape - Adressbook move/umziehen/exportieren:

export to file: => filename.ldif Datei scp to new machine thunderbird - Adressbook - Tools - Import - choose Filename .ldif

kmail - kaddressbook/Adressbook:

exportieren nach mozilla-thunderbird: kmail - addressbook - export - ldif-format nehmen => addressbook.ldif (mit csv werden die Emailadressen nicht übernommen thunderbird - Adressbook - Tools - Import - .ldif


Error: Window not moveable (Rahmen fehlt) Solution: logout login by ssh cd /home/userid/.kde/share/config mv kwinrc{,.bad} will be created during login Error: Mouse works, but nothing accessable Solution: ALT-F2 (run application) kwin --replace or: CTRL-ALT-F1 login export DISPLAY=:0 kwin --replace Schwarz auf Schwarz, z.B. im thunderbird: man fährt mit der Maus über einen Text und ein schwarzes Feld erscheint Behebung: System Settings - Application Appearance - Colors - Colors - Tooltipp oder Erscheinungsbild fuer Anwendungen - Text in inaktiver Titelleiste : Farben testweise ändern sofort aktiv Lucid: Fehler: links neben Start (im Panel) komische Zeichen/Muster Behebung: sind im Workspace - Start - System Settings - Look & Feel - Appearance - Style - Workspace - Air => nach Oxygen oder andere Themes aendern kubuntu Natty oder Karmic: anderes Muster in Air - stört nicht

kde 3.x:

Fehler: Menuleiste (kicker) verschwunden Ursache?: grep kwin .xsession-errors kwin: Fatal IO error: client killed Behebung: ALT-F2 => Eingabe von Applikationen möglich - kwin eingeben


kmail: crash bei kde 3.5.6 Workaround: kontact benutzen, dort ist kmail embedded/eingebettet kmail: KMail could not create folder '$HOME/Mail'; please make sure that you can view and modify the content of the folder 'home/hmb' Behebung: check whether $HOME is set correct, if yes: change ~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc and change $HOME/Mail to /home/userid/Mail Fehler: Doppelklick auf Adressbook addressbuch erzeugt Fehlermeldung: kmail: ERROR: The resource '/home/fwh/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf' is locked by application 'kmail'. Behebung: - kmail schliessen - rm ~userid/.kde/share/apps/kabc/lock/_home_userid...std.vcf.. Fehler: no subject beim Anklicken von emails oder unknown als Absender Behebung: - kmail schliessen - rm userid/Mail/.??*index.* (loeschen), wird beim Aufruf von kmail wieder erzeugt - rm userid/Mail/.*.index (loeschen), wird beim Aufruf von kmail wieder erzeugt Fehler: die geloeschten Emails erscheinen wieder z.B. inbox Behebung: userid/.kde/share/config/kmailrc nach Compactable=false suchen muss auf true stehen kmailrc compact-all-on-exit=true Fehler: die Mails werden nicht verschickt, sondern in outbox aufgehoben Behebung: - kmail schliessen - userid/Mail/.??*index.* loeschen, wird beim Aufruf von kmail wieder erzeugt - in kmail outbox anklicken und die alten Emails loeschen, nach- schauen, ob es aktuellere gibt und dann nochmals versuchen zu verschicken - File - Send Queued Messages


Fehler: http/Web-Seiten werden mit zu kleinen fonts gedruckt Ausdrucke von Texten, die vom konqueror aus angesehen werden, sind gross genug Behebung: Workaround bei älteren Systemen (ds03/dst03), ds02,5,6,7.. okay: konqueror-Fenster schmaler machen (Achim's Idee) und dann ausdrucken oder - angezeigte http/Web-Seite ist zu breit, da ein Text-Teil die Web- seite zu sehr verbreitet und der konqueror dann verkleinert um den Ausdruck richtig zu skalieren Fehler: die Zeile mit bookmarks.. = Menubar fehlt Behebung: CTRL-M Toggled den Menubar, oder Settings - ganz oben Fehler: der Rechner hängt sich auf, bzw. er swapt, weil ein Process, der konqueror alles Memory des Rechners sich holt kann man z.B. mit: ps -eo %mem,pid,user | sort sehen Behebung: - ~userid/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/konq_history enthaellt bei einem Listing mit more nur Zahlen => loeschen, oder vom Backup alte Version wieder holen Error: very slow keyboard - not usable, CTRL-ALT-F1.. doesn't work, too. Solve with: edit ~/.kde/share/config/kaccessrc [Keyboard] GestureConfirmation=true Gestures=true remove => SlowKeys=true logout/login Ursache/Origin: ? or Crash of some application Fehler: die Leiste mit: Location,Bookmarks,Settings... fehlt Behebung: in dem Fenster - rechte Maustaste - Show Menubar bzw. Settings - Show Menubar Fehler: ~/.xsession-errors too big Ursache: kde-Problem (kget?) Behebung: - upgrade kde-software - echo "" > ~/.xsession-errors

konqueror How-To:

Daten von verschiedenen Rechnern mit ssh/scp kopieren: 1. Mit drag and drop zwischen 2 konqueror 2. fish://userid@hostname

anaconda install for personal use:

/utils/tgz/ or download newer version accept license install directory - don't use default /home/userid/.... use: /home/userid/data1/anaconda3 (for example)

python virtual envirnoment by anaconda on ds23/ds4*/ds5*/he*srv-machines:

activate/start: newest: source /utils/ for example: source /utils/ (python3.7) ds54:~:$ python Python 3.7.0 (default, Oct 9 2018, 10:31:47) [GCC 7.3.0] :: Anaconda, Inc. on linux Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>>import xxxx CTRL-D (python3.7) ds54:~:$ source deactivate or source /utils/ or source /utils/ (python27_trusty) hmb@ds23:~$ python Python 2.7.13 |Continuum Analytics, Inc.| (default, Dec 20 2016, 23:09:15) import emcee CTRL-D for closing python source deactivate to close anaconda sfdmap - example: source /utils/ (python27_trusty) hmb@ds52:~$ python Python 2.7.13 |Continuum Analytics, Inc.| (default, Dec 20 2016, 23:09:15) [GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-1)] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. Anaconda is brought to you by Continuum Analytics. Please check out: and >>> import sfdmap >>> import astropy >>> m = sfdmap.SFDMap('/utils/trusty/sfddata-master/') >>> m = sfdmap.SFDMap() >>> m = sfdmap.SFDMap(scaling=1.0) >>> m.ebv(0., 0.) WARNING: AstropyDeprecationWarning: Config parameter 'enabled_record_valued_keyword_cards' in section [io.fits] of the file '/home/hmb/.astropy/config/astropy.cfg' is deprecated. Use 'enable_record_valued_keyword_cards' in section [io.fits] instead. [astropy.config.configuration] 0.027364157827046952 >>> (python27_trusty) hmb@ds52:~$ source deactivate

newest python-Version on ds2/ds4/ds5*-machine:

activate/start: source /utils/ or source /utils/ (not available on ds2* because kubuntu precise trusty is recommended) (venv)userid@ds42:~$ python import numpy .... deactivate/stop/return to shell: (venv)userid@ds42:~$ deactivate userid@ds42:~$ if you try: CTRL-D you will be logged out from the venv and shell usefull HINT: export PYTHONNOUSERSITE=True will disable all packages at: /home/userid/.local....


ds23/ds22 (kubuntu precise: lsb-release -a) source /utils/ source /utils/ zum Testen: python /utils/bxa/npyinterp/ [ 3.021 3.021 3.021 ..., 3.021 3.021 3.021] 9990 10000 [ 3.021 3.021 3.021 ..., 3.021 3.021 3.021] bxa, sherpa, python and ciao: hmb@ds53:~$ . /utils/ hmb@ds53:~$ . /utils/ (venv)hmb@ds53:~$ . /utils/ CIAO configuration is complete... CIAO 4.8 Thursday, December 3, 2015 bindir : /utils/ciao-4.8/bin CALDB : 4.7.0 (venv)hmb@ds53:~$ ipython WARNING: Attempting to work in a virtualenv. If you encounter problems, please install IPython inside the virtualenv. Python 2.7.10 (default, Nov 10 2015, 12:07:16) Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. IPython 3.0.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. ? -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features. %quickref -> Quick reference. help -> Python's own help system. object? -> Details about 'object', use 'object??' for extra details. In [1]: import numpy In [2]: import bxa.sherpa as bxa In [3]: import pymultinest In [4]: import scipy.interpolate In [5]: import scipy.special In [6]: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt In [7]: import matplotlib.patches In [8]: import as cm In [9]: Do you really want to exit ([y]/n)? y (venv)hmb@ds53:~$ deactivate hmb@ds53.~$


Libraries have been installed in: /utils/CCL/lib If you ever happen to want to link against installed libraries in a given directory, LIBDIR, you must either use libtool, and specify the full pathname of the library, or use the '-LLIBDIR' flag during linking and do at least one of the following: - add LIBDIR to the 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH' environment variable during execution - add LIBDIR to the 'LD_RUN_PATH' environment variable during linking - use the '-Wl,-rpath -Wl,LIBDIR' linker flag - have your system administrator add LIBDIR to '/etc/' See any operating system documentation about shared libraries for more information, such as the ld(1) and manual pages.




to enter the anaconda2-environment: source /utils/ cd /utils/cosmosis /utils/cosmosis/bin/cosmosis demos/demo1.ini or copy /utils/cosmosis/demos/demo1.ini to your directory and change the path to exit the environment: source deactivate


Error: ez/EZ crashes: Pango-ERROR **: Unable create Cairo font Solution: cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype ln -s msttcorefonts/Verdana.ttf additional: apt-get install sun-java6-fonts /utils/vipgi/ Error: problems with refresh in Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Solution: install another Graphiccard: Radeon 9200se works (24bit plane..) Radeon 7000VE NOT 3dfx Voodoo works (24bit plane...) not solves this Problem: - newer X-Server - 16bit plane - 24bit plane - +bs, -bs (backing store enabled/disabled) Fehler: permission denied to xxxx.fits Behebung: ? NICHT ab Version 1.3! export PIPE_HOME=/utils/vipgi/install export PIPE_ADD_ONS=/utils/vipgi/add-ons-1.4 Errormessage by using EZ in vipgi: "EZ import error: No module named ez.lib.main" and the button "Inizialize EZ" inside VIPGI is not active Solution: vipgi - Preferences - EZ : EZ Installation Directory: /utils/EZ-1.1-angelab WITHOUT bin Errormessage by using EZ in vipgi: /utils/EZ-1.1-angelab/lib/python2.5/ez/gui/ GtkWarning: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "qtengine", [WAR] no feature file for SDSS_AGN.txt quality test not performed on SDSS_AGN.txt [WAR] no feature file for VVDS_AGN.txt quality test not performed on VVDS_AGN.txt [WAR] only warning - vipgi works Workaround for login again on dsxx: userid@dsxx> ssh -Y userid@dsxx start vipgi Upgrade/Update of X-Terminal/dsxx (hardy) doesn't solve this Errormessage in green terminal window: Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display "localhost:20.0". Solution: ?


(max. ~50 Requests in einem File!!da sonst Denial of service bei ESO vermutet): /utils/dss/bin/dssr red -i out.txt out.txt: RXCJ0001.9-6707 0 01 54.648 -67 07 57.360 30 30 RXCJ0002.3-4357 0 02 20.904 -43 57 41.040 30 30 RXCJ0003.1-1805 0 03 07.728 -18 05 46.680 30 30 RXCJ0003.4-5247 0 03 24.504 -52 47 45.960 30 30 RXCJ0005.2-7426 0 05 17.880 -74 26 25.080 30 30 RXCJ0005.7-5006 0 05 45.000 -50 06 55.440 30 30 RXCJ0007.0-6954 0 07 02.928 -69 54 27.000 30 30 RXCJ0007.7-6959 0 07 43.728 -69 59 56.400 30 30 Fehlermeldung: timed out Ursache: auf wird ein Denial of Service Attacke vermutet Test: telnet 8080 Trying Loesung: bei der ESO, Hrn. Suchar deswegen kontaktieren: 089/32006-249
karma kview = kvis: Fehler: konvertierung in Postscript geht nicht, bzw. Programm haengt sich auf - 100% CPU-Zeit, empty Versionen: 1.7.2, 1.7.13 in Alpha gehen nicht export - Postscript -,save.eps,Printer gehen nicht Loesung: Linux, auf der o09 geht's auch nicht
Probleme mit CUPS: Fehler bei Einstellen der Properties eines Druckers: Some Options ... see Advanced... Ursache: auf dem CUPS-Server ist der Drucker an einer Stelle falsch konfiguriert das sieht man in Properties - Driver Settings: das falsche wird rot angezeigt Fehlermeldung beim Ausdrucken aus kmail/Konqueror/Acrobat Reader: Unable to start child print process. The KDE print server (kdeprintd) could not be contacted. Check that this server is running. Behebung: - kded eingeben Falls da nicht hilft: - bei anderem Drucker auch gleiche Fehlermeldung? - quota? - bei ds-Maschinen nicht aktiv - kprinter filename von Kommandozeile aus aufrufen, wenn gleicher Fehler: - Wenn ja - aus/einloggen Problem mit Drucker (hauptsächlich px4s): jobs werden verschluckt - es werden angezeigt: userid - jobverarbeitung - dann wieder ready (ohne Ausdruck) Behebung: Power Off/On
Probleme beim Einloggen, bzw. mit kde: Fehlersuche: 1. ps u -U userid|grep nedit => nedit Processe killen - evtl. mehrmals! 2. ps aux irgendwas Ungewöhnliches? 3. ~userid/.xsession-errors checken 4. quota? Fehler: Login bleibt bei den 2 Zahnrädern haengen und springt nicht zum Erdball weiter Ursache: - famd-process laeuft mit userid Behebung: - kill -9 famd-process-id (siehe auch weiter unten) Fehler: Einloggen dauert >5 Minuten/slow login Ursache: famd-Process (famd = File Alteration Monitor daemon) laeuft mit 99% CPU Zeit und mit Owner irgendeine Userid - soll nur als root laufen Behebung: kill -9 famd-pid (wird nicht direkt gebraucht und ist auch buggy) siehe dst01 Fehlermeldung beim Anmelden: "Could not read network connection list. Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running" . Behebung: - auf OK klicken - dann ausgeloggt - ueber ssh einloggen - cd ~userid/.kde rm socket-rechnername rm tmp-rechnername rm cache-rechnername ODER: /tmp/ksocket-userid fehlt das x => chmod 700 ksocket-userid ~userid/.kde/ sollte so aussehen: drwx------ 4 marcella marcella 4096 Oct 20 16:35 . drwxr-xr-x 25 marcella marcella 4096 Oct 20 16:35 .. drwx------ 2 marcella marcella 4096 Aug 3 10:16 Autostart lrwxrwxrwx 1 marcella marcella 26 Oct 20 16:34 cache-ds03 -> /var/tmp/kdecache-marcella drwx------ 9 marcella marcella 4096 Oct 4 12:03 share lrwxrwxrwx 1 marcella marcella 21 Oct 20 16:32 socket-ds03 -> /tmp/ksocket-marcella lrwxrwxrwx 1 marcella marcella 17 Oct 20 16:32 tmp-ds03 -> /tmp/kde-marcella Fehlermeldung: - klauncher could not reached by dcop - cannot talk to klauncher Ursache: ps ux|grep klauncher gibt nichts zurueck, Process laeuft nicht Behebung: - Aus/Einloggen - kdeinit -wrapper klauncher - ein Menge Meldungen erscheinen, abwarten! Fehlermeldung: Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation. Ursache: in .bash_profile Aufruf von ciao-setup drin, glibc3.3 wuerde benoetigt Behebung: - .bash_profile aendern und ciao-setup. entfernen bei Fehlermeldung: Could not start the process cannot talk to klauncher Behebung: Go in "/home/username/.kde/share/config/session" The files are saved when you logoff and are the list of files to launch next boot... I had a file that was "Kwin-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Kwin is not supposed to be launched "by KDE" but "with KDE", wich is completly different. So I removed that file, killed the process (sudo killall kwin), rebooted, and now everything is working fine.
nedit: auf ds03 funktionieren Copy/Paste nicht immer wie erwartet, auf z.B. ds06 schon
kate: use kate instead of nedit - newer versions available (nedit out of date) Problem: when scrolling down not all lines will be shown to the end Solution: close ALL kate-sessions kate, kile in ubuntu-precise slow if it's a bigger windows Solution: kate --graphicssystem native => fast bad: kate --graphicssystem raster => slow Solution: kile --graphicssystem native => fast bad: kile --graphicssystem raster => slow

NAG-Libraries, Intel-compiler on ds43/ds44,ds52-ds54:(ds41/ds42 are AMD-CPU's)

Voraussetzung für module siehe mathematica bash: . /afs/mpe/common/etc/ tcsh/csh - not available module avail module avail intel ------ /afs/ipp/common/usr/modules.2014/@sys/modulefiles/compilers --------- gcc/4.8(default) intel/13.1 intel/15.0 gcc/4.9 intel/14.0(default) nagf95/6.0(default) for example: module load intel/15.0 ifort $NAGFLIB zum compilieren benutzen

mathematica on ds*:

Voraussetzung: /etc/openafs/CellAlias muss = permanent: @cell enthalten oder als root/sudo (nach reboot weg): fs newalias @cell sudo apt-get install tcl8.5-dev . /afs/mpe/common/etc/ module load mathematica mathematica Overview: module avail veraltet: /afs/ipp/bin/mathematica /afs/ipp/bin/mathematica => V8.0.1 /afs/ipp/bin/mathematica -v 5.1.1 or /afs/ipp/common/soft/math/mathematica Return => V8.0.1 /afs/ipp/common/soft/math/math.5.1.1/mathematica Return Plot-testroutine: Plot[Sin[t], {t, -Pi, Pi}] dann Shift-Return druecken! ds* mathematica funktioniert

Deactivate NumLock

, which solves - the backspace-delete case - problem with mouse and cursor in notebook window o20: math Plotten geht nicht, da die Library bei Tru64-Unix V5.x nicht mehr als Software zur Verfuegung steht, Paket dafuer gibt's nicht o20: mathematica funktioniert, Achtung beim Löschen: wenn viereckige Kästchen erscheinen, NumLock drücken, dann geht's
Mathematica andere Fehler: die Fenster von mathematica erscheinen, man kann aber nichts eingeben - es erscheinen nachfolgende Fehlermeldungen: Warning: Action not found: delete-next-character Lösung: darin steht: Create directory /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults and create a file XMathematica. Please put in the following facts: Xmathematica*Text.Translations: #override \n\ ~Shift ~Meta ~Alt Delete: \n XMathematica*AxeText.Translations: #override \n\ ~Shift ~Meta ~Alt Delete: \n XMathematica*XmText.Translations: #override \n\ ~Shift ~Meta ~Alt Delete: \n\ ~Shift ~Meta ~Alt osfDelete: \n\ XMathematica*XmTextField.Translations: #augment \n\ ~Shift ~Meta ~Alt osfDelete: \n\ Create a file in your home directory called .Xdefaults if it does not already exist and add the following lines: !***************************************************** XMathematica*XmText.translations: !***************************************************** Execute the following command while logged in to your useraccount: xrdb .Xdefaults Deactivate NumLock which solves the backspace-delete case.
maple v13 : /afs/ falls Fehlermeldung wg. Lizenz: /afs/ -v 12.0
(mathlab),matlab (ds*): ds2* module system for using newer versions (matlab 2014a): Voraussetzung: /etc/openafs/CellAlias muss = permanent: @cell enthalten oder als root/sudo (nach reboot weg): fs newalias @cell . /afs/mpe/common/etc/ module load matlab/2014a matlab known Problems: if still old script appears with 2009 try: afs/ipp/common/soft/matlab_2014a/bin/matlab Overview: module avail -------------------------------------------------- /afs/rzg/i386_linux26/bin/matlab -v 2010 falls Fehlermeldung bei: /afs/rzg/i386_linux26/bin/matlab -v 2010 muss im /etc/resolv.conf zusaetzlich eingetragen werden: bei search: damit der Lizenzserver: s20l6s = gefunden wird: matlab matlab -v 5.3.. funktionieren nicht, da: /afs/ipp/common/soft/matlab_5.3.1/bin/matlab: line 1450: /afs/ipp/common/soft/matlab_5.3.1/bin/lnx86/matlab: No such file or directory 19.12.2008: RZG meldet sich nicht - also keine Loesung
CIAO-Software (dsxx, o20): - Data Analysis (oben) - Download
skycat-Software (o0x, o20): skycat 8bit skycat-truecolor
miriad-Software (o0x, o20): /util/miriad/bin/alpha/miriad xmtv 8bit display
starlink-Software ( o20): tcsh -l source /star/etc/login source /star/etc/cshrc gaia (zum Testen) erzeugt => /home/userid/adam .rtd-remote


Fehler: Klammern/Integrale werden richtig angezeigt, aber NICHT richtig ausgedruckt Beispiel dafür (Seite 2 = Page3) Ursache: Fehler im Adobe-Reader 7.0.1 (Linux) Workaround: den kpdf dafür benutzen (Open With...) Fehler: Document wird richtig angezeigt, aber beim Ausdrucken falsche Charakter... Ursache: Fehler im Adobe-Reader Behebung: moderneren Adobe-Reader benutzen: /utils/Adobe/Acrobat8/bin/acroread Fehler: im Full-Screen Modus (nur das PDF-Document sonst nichts) - ESC => normaler Moduls oder - CTRL-ALT-ESC = xkill => killen Fehler: Printer falsch definiert: in .Xdefaults acroread*lprCommand: /usr/bin/lpr -Plps17b dann: xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults Fehler: der Acrobat-Reader wird nicht automatisch geoeffnet, wenn man ein pdf-file im Konqueror (WEB) anklickt Loesung: in ~userid/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc nach: askSaveapplication/pdf=Yes suchen, muss auf No stehen auch auf folgende Einstellungen im konqueror achten: - embedded - file associations - plugins (gibt es den Pfad?) mögliche Einstellung (funktioniert nicht immer), damit der Acrobat-Reader bei jedem neuen pdf hoch kommt: Acrobat-Reader Einstellung: Preferences - Startup - Splash Screen anklicken Fehlermeldung bei Acrobat-Reader/adobe-reader - Document - Security Settings: Unable to find the HTML rendering library Beheben: Edit - Preferences - Internet - HTML Rendering Library Folder: /usr/lib/thunderbird gesucht wird: Fehlermeldung bei Start von acroread (ignorieren, wenn er startet): (acroread:18414): Gtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

personal webpage:

admin creates directory on MPE-WEB-Server: it points to: /afs/mpe/www/people/userid you need your mpe-afs-userid/password to change or it will be created, too.

to protect it with userid/password:

1. place file .htaccess in the directory where the data are to be protected .htaccess-example 2. create on ds* .htpasswd with userid/password by: htpasswd -c .htpasswd userid (userid is the username you will be asked for login at webpage) you will be asked twice for password and place it in same directory
iraf (o20,dsxx): Wichtig: NUR csh NICHT bash! dsxx: csh /utils/iraf-setup.csh Return (Voraussetzung: /afs?) nach Installation von scisoft: je nachdem wo scisoft ist! source /scisoft/bin/Setup.bash kann in .bashrc rein Setup.csh mit obigem Script wird alles richtig gesetzt, auch ds9... mkiraf,cl = $iraf/iraf/unix/hlib als User MUSS man NUR das erste Mal: mkiraf aufrufen, dann nie mehr. zum testen: cd (dort muss das das mit mkiraf erzeugt wurde, liegen) cl setzt normalerweise xgterm noao imred echelle splot /data22c/hmb/Ftp/iraf/noao/digiphot/daophot/test/fits3.fits oder andere fits Zahlen??? Errormessage: uparm$xxxxxx.par not found Solution: uparm-directory und loeschen mkiraf neu aufrufen Errormessage: ERROR: Cannot open device (node!imtool,,512,512) Solution: start ds9 or ximtool before starting cl look at Errormessage: PANIC in `/usr/iraf/iraf/noao/bin.linux/x_onedspec.e': Memory has been corrupted or memory has been corrupted Solution: ulimit -s unlimited (bash) limit stacksize unlimited (tcsh) (~/.login oder ~/.tcshrc) Errormessage: Out of memory Solution(Linux): ulimit -s unlimited if Errormessage: ulimit -s 16000 or higher until Errormessage Solution(Tru64-Unix): ulimit -S -d unlimited Drucken/Printen doesn't work (Command = ): /usr/bin/sgidispatch needed (or link) cd /usr/bin ln -s ../iraf/iraf/unix/bin.linux/sgidispatch.e sgidispatch unter SUSE auf Laptop: scisoft-Software installieren dann source /scisoft/bin/Setup.bash Fehlermeldung mit: alias lflags ignorieren oder source /scisoft/bin/Setup.csh hier keine Fehlermeldung
Fehlermeldung: XAUTHORITY=/usr/hmb/.Xauthority: is not an identifier Lösung: falsche Shell - bash aufrufen
Fehlermeldung bei Aufruf von p2pp: No write permissions for directory /usr/local/p2pp.... Ursache: inkompatibel mit alter Version Lösung: /home/userid/ löschen p2pp-2.13.1 /home/userid/ Pfad richtig für den Cache eintragen Isis: source /usr/local/opt/


bookmarks von mozilla: ~userid/.mozilla/userid/xxx.slt/bookmarks.html " .bak bookmarks von mozilla-firefox (3.6.x) ~userid/.mozilla/firefox/xxx/bookmarks.html old places.sqlite Adressliste von mozilla-thunderbird: ~userid/.mozilla-thunderbird/xxx.default/abook.mab Fehler: thunderbird browser default = konqueror - nicht änderbar im thunderbird selbst: make a copy of prefs.js ! recommended Lösung: in ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/xxx/prefs.js oder user.js folgende Zeile eintragen - thunderbird MUSS geschlossen sein, da sonst die gemachten Änderungen hinfällig werden (getestet - funktioniert): user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox"); user_pref("", "/usr/bin/firefox"); user_pref("", "/home/hmb/Scripts/"); oder: ~userid/Desktop/firefox.desktop link nach /usr/bin/firefox aendern /home/userid/... NOT ~userid! check path! #!/bin/sh export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/xulrunner-" url="$1" if [ "x$url" = "x" ]; then url="about:blank" fi if $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/mozilla-xremote-client openURL\("$url"\); then exit 0 fi exec firefox "$url" ----------------------------------- Fehler: thunderbird sends attachments inline Behebung: thunderbird - Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Config Editor - search for: mail.content_disposition_type change or add to: mail.content_disposition_type Preference Name: Status: default Type: integer Value: 2 Fehler: thunderbird views attachments inline Behebung: thunderbird - View - Display Attachments Inline (kein Häckchen) fehlendes Feature in thunderbird (ab 3.1.8): die Anzahl der Emails im Folder werden nicht angezeigt Add-Ons installieren: /utils/Thunderbird3_Addons/extra_folder_columns-1.1.3-tb.xpi ----------------------------- Fehler: bei Aufruf von mozilla folgende Fehlermeldung: Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed: error 28 (No space left on device) Ursache: zu wenig ipc uebrig: mit ipcs checken Behebung: Kernel-Parameter ändern: - Tru64-Unix: shm_max: 33554432 shm_seg: 256 shm_mni: 4096 (dieser erst nach reboot wirksam) - Linux: ipcs -l wieviel im Kernel konfiguriert 2.2: /usr/src/Linux/include/asm/shmparam.h Fehler: duplicate Emails in thunderbird Behebung: Tools - Extension - Install (vorher Addon von: runterladen - remove duplicate email...xpt) - any user can do it! Nach Installation mit rechter Maustaste auf Folder mit doppelten Emails gehen und löschen Fehler: netscape/mozilla Probleme mit oder Behebung: Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Proxy - Direct Connection to the Internet oder/und Edit - Preferences - Navigator - Applications - Mime-Type: application/pdf eintragen - Application: acroread '%s' ' wg. spaces oder Edit - Preferences - Applications - PDF file - Use Adobe Reader Fehler: netscape addressbook weg Behebung: - ? - in eigenes file abspeichern: open addressbook - File - Export - filename - wieder holen: wie oben, nur Import

konqueror! automatische Anzeige eines Postscript-files

(File Associations): konqueror - File Associations - application - postscript General: (Filename Patterns): *.ps *.PS Description: Postscript Document Application Preference Order: GV KGostview Embedding: x show file in embedded viewer show file in external viewer Postscript-file zum Testen

konqueror! automatischer Aufruf des Acrobat-Readers

(File Associations): Kontrol Center - KDE Components - File Associations - application - pdf (Filename Patterns: *.pdf *.PDF Application Preference Order Acrobat Reader GV X PDF Embedded (eingebettet) oder external Konqueror - File Associations - ... auch: Kontrol Center - Internet - Web Browser - plugins ueberpruefen existiert der Pfad? pdf zum Testen Cluster.pdf zum Testen imprs_chapter_1_2006_matter_and_radiation.pdf zum Testen

nagf95 amd64-bit

. /utils/ hmb@ds22:~/Test/swift$ /utils/nagf95-amd64/nagfor -o acf1 acf1.f90 -ieee=full /utils/numrecip_2.10/recipes_f-90/lib/librecipes_f90.a -lcfitsio


Abstract-Server, Mirror


~userid/.sm fonts /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/fonts.bin filecap /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/filecap graphcap /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/graphcap help /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/help/ macro /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/macro/ termcap /utils/sm2_4_26/lib/sm/termcap temp_dir /tmp/ history 80 history_file .smhist term vt100am device X11 -bg white -fg black -g 705x500 printer postscript TeX_strings 1 name Francy Example: This is an example file 1 1 1 2 4 8 3 9 27 4 16 64 5 25 125 6 36 216 7 49 343 8 64 512 SM has a history mechanism, so first type DELETE 0 10000 to tell SM to forget any commands that it has remembered. Then choose a device to plot on. You do this with a command like dev tek4010. If you don't know what to call your terminal, use the LIST DEVICE command, ask some local expert, look at the description of DEVICE, or (if desperate) read the manual (see section The Stdgraph Graphics Kernel). You'll know that you have succeeded if typing BOX draws a box. You should now have successfully chosen a graphics terminal. To actually plot something, use the following set of commands. The text after the # is a comment, you don't have to type this (or the #). DATA mydata # Specify desired datafile LINES 3 100 # Choose which lines to use READ i 1 # Read column 1 into `i' READ { ii 2 iii 3 } # Read column 2 into `ii' and 3 into `iii' LIMITS i ii # Choose limits, based on i and ii BOX # Draw the axes PTYPE 4 0 # Choose square point markers POINTS i ii # Plot i against ii CONNECT i ii # and connect the points XLABEL This is i # Label the X-axis YLABEL This is ii # And the Y

Bluetooth auf Dell-Laptop's unter Linux

/usr/bin/hidd --search /etc/init.d/bluetooth start => ps aux|grep hid /etc/sysconfig/bluetooth Argumente beim Starten (SUSE): HID_DAEMON_ARGS="--search --server" unter Debian: HID_DAEMON_ARGS="--search --master --server" ???? nach neuer Maus suchen...: /usr/bin/hidd --search ansehen : /usr/bin/hidd --show

WLAN Settings

SUSE: SSID eingeben Kinternet benutzen Verschluesselung: WPA-PSK (Pre Shared Key)

freenx download (please use x2go - better supported) tested under W7, W10 you must login twice, first time it gives an error


Mac OSX greater Snow Leopard: Settings: Use the NoMachine login for backwards compatibility

freenx over ssh-Tunnel/ssh-tunnel

better: use proxycommand in /home/userid/.ssh/ssh_config Tunnel example: open terminal: ssh -X -N -f -L 7777 = your choice then start freenx - client on your laptop: Configure it: host: localhost Port: 7777 (corresponding to above)


for example: ssh -X -L password von login! von ds06 aus: ssh -X -p 7777 userid@localhost nun auf ds07 zu Mac: ssh -L 10000:Interne_IP_des_MACSERVER:5900 Oeffentlicher_SSH-Server z.B. ssh -L 10000:
Mac useful hints http:// python for Mac

Software and useful hints für MAC OS X Leopard

g77 = f77 /afs/mpe/tmp/macsoftware/g77-intel-bin.tar.gz installes to: local!-directory usr/local/bin/g77 .... NOT: /usr/local/bin/g77 Fortran/Xcode xcode/latex from ex-mcsrv1: Finder - Apple-key k - Server Address: - guest - Software - xcode, latex. or: latex Fortran.. Hilfreiche Seiten zu Mac's: Errormessage: xspec dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022 Trace/BPT trap Solution: wrong binaries, in this case binaries from snowleopard on a leopard-machine Shortcuts for newbies:

Software and useful hints für MAC OS X Lion

Xcode 4.xx only at AppleStor (apple id needed) gfortran at: homebrew at:
Python on ds* be sure that /home/userid/.local/lib/python2.7 NOT exist otherwise it will not work export PATH=/utils/anaconda2/bin:$PATH source activate python27_trusty python Python 2.7.13 |Continuum Analytics, Inc.| (default, Dec 20 2016, 23:09:15) [GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-1)] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. Anaconda is brought to you by Continuum Analytics. Please check out: and >>> import pandas exit of this environment: source deactivate python27_trusty don't forget to set PATH without /utils/anacondas2/bin anaconda3, cigale, Python3.6: source /utils/ source activate py3 python3 or ipython Python 3.6.1 |Anaconda custom (64-bit)| (default, May 11 2017, 13:09:58) [GCC 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-1)] on linux Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import astropy >>> if any error messages occur, first check with: echo $PYTHONPATH to deactivate it: source deactivate ------------------------------------ python3.6 (tested 15-Oct-2018 by hmb on ds52) source activate python3.6 (python3.6) ds52:~/Scripts:$ python --version Python 3.6.2 :: Continuum Analytics, Inc. to close it: source deactivate python3.6 ------------------------------------------- jupyter notebook: source /utils/ jupyter notebook after opening browser choose data1 for data
source /utils/ (root) ds21virt:~:$ to leave this environment/deactivate: source deactivate
LSST source "/utils/lsst/loadLSST.bash" # for bash source "/utils/lsst/loadLSST.csh" # for csh source "/utils/lsst/loadLSST.ksh" # for ksh source "/utils/lsst/loadLSST.zsh" # for zsh Individual LSST packages may now be installed with the usual `eups distrib install' command. For example, to install the science pipeline elements of the LSST stack, use: eups distrib install lsst_apps Next, read the documentation at: and feel free to ask any questions via the LSST Community forum: Also look out for our new, in development, documentation site at: Thanks! -- The LSST Software Teams
TimeMachine Backup over network Lion - special - below 1. you need a userid on ex-mcsrv1.mpe.mpg.e (ask Achim Bohnet, Harald Baumgartner) to connect to TimeMachine disk: Apfel-Key k - afp:// - registered User: userid password: open TM_Backup_New open Time-Machine preferences: turn it on and select the TM_Backup_New Lion special (from Mr. John Holland 11.2011) - tested 3.2012 by hmb: 1. Map the network drive ⌘+K afp:// 2. In the terminal, cd to the network drive >> cd /Volumes/TM_Backup_New/ 3. Make a sparsebundle which has the correct parameters for Time Machine to find it and use it. To get the correct format $NAME=John-Hollands-Macbook-Pro from System Preferences Sharing pane: $MAC=58b035f1a4d0 from >> ifconfig en0 | grep ether ether 58:b0:35:f1:a4:d0 Make the sparsebundle. I don't know whether the volname parameter is important. >> hdiutil create -size 2t -fs HFS+J -volname "Time Machine" $NAME_$MAC.sparsebundle e.g. >> hdiutil create -size 2t -fs HFS+J -volname "Time Machine" 'John-Hollands-Macbook-Pro_58b035f1a4d0.sparsebundle' 4. Set Time Machine to use the network drive (TM_Backup_New); no need to mount the sparsebundle before doing this. 5. Run a backup.

x2go (Mac/Apple)

- Quartz must be installed - in a terminal do: ssh-keygen Return for all questions. - check on ds03,login if is there a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file if not - on your laptop: - scp /Users/userid/.ssh/ - ssh - cd .ssh - chmod 600 authorized_keys logout from login on your laptop: ssh if you are logged in to login - it's working on your laptop: ssh if you are not logged in to login - contact me --- if there is a authorized_keys file - scp - ssh - cd .ssh - cat xxxx >> authorized_keys - Download and install x2go - Open x2go-client and configure it with: Try auto login (ssh-agent or default ssh key) disable sound and printing at Settings tested on Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with x2go version: V. (Qt - 4.8.5) x2go settings: X11 application: /Application/Utilities/ X11 version: 0.0.0 Clientside SSH port...: 22

x2go (Windows)

doesn't work on ds03 - please use instead (either a MPE-afs-Account or a local account possible) have a look at x2go

x2go (Linux)

works to kde tested with kubuntu trusty (29.7.2016)

Xwin32/xwin32/excursion to login from Windows-PC to Unix-machine

Description at: start Xwin32 , but don't login to unix-machine start ssh and in Profiles - Edit - Security - Add - adding Edit - Tunneling - Häckchen links unten für Tunnel machen dann den Rechner anwählen, userid/password dann ein ssh-Terminal aufmachen und mit xclock ueberpruefen, ob das xclock-Fenster hochkommt.

Profile-Manager (scpm) unter SUSE-Linux 10.x

/var/lib/scpm/profiles scpm active gerade aktiv scpm list verfügbar switch MPE_WLAN list_groups -a Ersteinrichtung NUR mit yast - nach enablen - reboot! - yast - system - dann profile neu anlegen - bei Änderungen! IMMER mit dem Profil booten, das man dann haben will! - dann yast aufrufen - system - profile manager aufrufen - network devices - network device raufwerfen, das man nicht will - network schliessen - profile manager - switch to - WICHTIG! - exit - reboot

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