GROND - Gamma-Ray Burst Optical/Near-Infrared Detector

GROND is an imaging instrument to investigate Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows and other transients simultaneously in seven filter bands. Several dichroic beamsplitters feed light into three NIR channels and four visual channels, each equipped with its own detector. GROND has become operational in 2007.

GROND has been built by the high-energy group of MPE in collaboration with the LSW Tautenburg and ESO. GROND is operated as a PI-instrument at the MPI/ESO 2.2m telescope on La Silla (Chile).


GROND data are not publicly available - please contact the PI (
For MPI observers: the following list gives an overview on the observations (password protected).

GROND Documentation

GROND Positions

Diploma/Master and Bachelor theses

Diploma/Master and Bachelor theses are always available - most of these are advertised at the corresponding Bachelor and Master pages of the TU Munich. Feel free to contact the GROND-PI, Jochen Greiner at in any case.


The GROND team typically hires at least one PhD-student per year, sometimes more depending on the success of soft money applications. We also welcome PhD students coming with their own money. Interested parties should contact the GROND-PI, Jochen Greiner at

GROND and the Press

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