GROND operations

This document describes some issues of the operation of GROND, including the preparation of OBs with p2pp.


OB preparation and data handling

Rules for preparing your OBs:

The OBs follow the generic ESO standards, but also have a few additional keywords which are specific for GROND. We concentrate here on those specific ones, and assume that you are familiar with the standard ESO-P2PP package.

How to export/import your OBs to La Silla and use them?

Typical limiting magnitudes

We do not have an exposure time calculator. However, the table below gives some indication of what you might expect in the r'-band under different seeing conditions (5sigma values for New Moon and airmass 1).
Seeing 0.6" 1.0" 1.6" 2.5"
OB-Type Exposure r' r' r' r'
-- 66 s 22 21 20 19
4m4TD 4x66 s 23.2 22.2 21.2 20.2
8m4TD 4x137 s 24 23 22 21
20m4TD 4x365 s 25 24 23 22
3*20m4TD 12x365 s 26 25 24 23

And the following table gives you relative magnitudes in the seven filter bands (all AB magnitudes, for New Moon, airmass 1, seeing 1, and a 8m4TD exposure):
g' r' i' z' J H K
23.0 23.0 22.5 22.2 20.6 20.1 19.4

Log of technical or operational changes

This has been started Nov. 29, 2011. We'll make an attempt to update it regularly, and also cover some historic events.
Jochen Greiner, [Disclaimer]
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