This is a (rather incomplete) collection of events marking the history of GROND.

Date Event
27 Jun 2001 First presentation of idea
Talk at the MPE-Konzil, Kloster Seon
25 Jul 2001 First contacts to ESO and MPIA
8 Jan 2002 First meeting at MPIA about co-existence with WFI
Concept of Coude-like mounting and new M3
20 Feb 2002 First meeting with IR-group at MPE
25 Mar 2002 First optical design (U. Laux)
7 May 2002 Meeting in Bonn
Check of idea to use BUSCA-double for visual part
8 Jul 2002 Full proposal to ESO
29 Aug 2002 Beginning of mechanical design
21 Nov 2002 Proposal to BMBF to seek external funding (unsuccessful)
12 Dec 2002 First money spent (for 2 IR detectors)
March 2003 ESO/MPIA negotiations to terminate WFI operation
Offer to use Cassegrain position for GROND: complete re-design
18 Mar 2003 First internal review of GROND with ESO and IR-group members
25 Mar 2003 First hardware (filters) arrives at MPE
24 Jul 2003 Getting VLT software from ESO
16 Sep 2003 Decision on Cassegrain focus withdrawn by ESO
changing design back to Coude-like position
26 Sep 2003 Critical Design Review with ESO
20 Nov 2003 First tests of mechanical parts in test cryostat
16 Jan 2004 Contract with ESO signed
25 Apr 2004 Final decision about GROND vessel placement and M3 design
24 May 2004 Draft of Interface Document for La Silla
13 Jun 2004 Ordering of lenses and dichroics
16 Jun 2004 First VLT-compliant Instrument control software ready
15 Jul 2004 Getting IRACE from ESO
3 Sep 2004 Ordering of M3
9 Sep 2004 First IR FPA arrived
19-26 Sep 2004 First visit to La Silla and interface discussion
20 Nov 2004 Swift launched - GROND unfortunately far from getting ready
12 Dec 2004 Dither mirror successfully tested at 65 K
19 Jan 2005 First version of ICS control panel software ready
25 Jan 2005 M3 mirror mechanically ready and sent off for polishing
12 Mar 2005 First polarization tests of lens holdings in the cold
16 Mar 2005 New CCD boards and cables ready and delivered for FIERA testing to ESO
7 Apr 2005 Internal review meeting with IR/X-ray group instrumentalists
12 May 2005 M3 mechanics/electronics ready for delivery to Chile
20-22 Jun 2005 First test mounting of M3 at 2.2m telescope
10-15 Jul 2005 Move from gamma-lab to integration hall
22 Jul 2005 First vacuum in GROND vessel
21 Aug 2005 Final approval of instrument effects to telescope by MPIA
20 Oct 2005 All optical components coated and ready
05 Nov 2005 Last of the three Hawaii IR detectors arrived
01 Feb 2006 IRACE complete (final pieced delivered by ESO)
18 Feb 2006 NGTCCD Guide Camera commissioned on telescope with temporary mounting
12 Mar 2006 M3 commissioned at telescope
11 May 2006 Commissioning of the CFK interface structure at the telescope and M3 alignment
28 Aug 2006 FIERA complete and operational (damaged board replaced by ESO)
17 Oct 2006 First light in lab: real test images through optics on all detectors
03 Mar 2007 All hardware leaves Garching: 2000 kg of shipment to La Silla
30 Apr 2007 First light at the 2.2m MPI/ESO telescope
21 May 2007 First GRB observed (within 7 min)
29 Jan 2008 First GRB with g-band drop-out
13 Sep 2008 GRB redshift record with z=6.7
16 Sep 2008 Photometric redshift of z=4.3 for Fermi-detected GRB with GeV emission
23 Apr 2009 New GRB redshift record with z=8

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